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I really like NSPA's luxurious range of great value products in general, so thought I would try some bits from the 'Mum to Be' range, which is available from Asda Direct.

The Mum to Be range is designed to cater for the changing needs of your skin during pregnancy and as a new mum, helping to calm and relax whilst also focusing on keeping the skin in good condition.

NSPA Relaxing Bath and Shower Creme, £3.50 for 200ml
from Asda Direct

This is a thick Creme infused with Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E which looks more like a moisturiser when you pump it. The idea is to put it onto a puff or bath gloves and gently scrub with it. It contains Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, renowned for their skin-softening properties.

I found the consistency nice and creamy, but it didn't lather up much which I do prefer in a washing product personally. Also, perhaps due to my extremely sensitive pregnant sense of smell, I felt this smelt very slightly chemically compared to some other natural ranges.

It contains SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) too which apparently can sometimes cause skin irritation or aggravate serious conditions like dermatitis or eczema because, being a harsh detergent, it can strip the skin and hair of its natural oils. However, I didn't notice this effect, as the moisturing ingredients must counteract it in this case, for me anyway.

Very reasonably priced luxury feeling product though.

NSPA Mum to Be Cooling Leg and Foot Gel, £4 for 150ml 
from Asda Direct 

This is a cooling and relaxing gel to help perk up tired pregnant or mummy legs. It contains mint oil to cool and aloe vera extract to soothe, as well as moisturising glycerin, and is hpoallergenic.

I liked this as it wasn't TOO tingly, or sticky, but ratjher it felt fresh and light and mositurising. Smells gorgeously minty. Definitely a must-have for heavily pregnant mums!

NSPA Mum to Be Soothing Nipple Balm, £5 for 75ml 

As a breastfeeding pregnant mum, my boobies are going through the wars at the moment, very sore! I tried not to use nipple creams in the past in case it interfered with the natural balance, but when things get really bad they are a great help.

It contains Rosehip Oil which is moisturising. You should apply after each breastfeeding session, or if you are expecting, then just to stop general soreness.

I have tried a few different ones, but unfortunately most contain Lanolin (secreted by the sebaceous glands of wooly animals urggh!) due to its ultra moisturising properties. Not very vegan-friendly! However, this nipple balm does contain medical grade lanolin (some purification techniques remove environmental impurities).I prefer not to use any animal derived products. However, I found it to work very well and no offensive smell etc. In the emergency cupboard then.

NSPA Mum to Be Gift Set, £10

The gift set is now on sale in the Baby and Toddler Event at Asda Direct for only £7, reduced from £10

This contains:
Bath and Shower Creme 100ml
Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil 50ml
Firming Bust Cream 50ml
Moisturising Bump Butter 75ml
Cooling Leg and Foot Gel 50ml

Treat yourself for a very reasonable price!


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