Thirty nappies for £3.00 you say? Oh yes please.

Hello Asda's little angels range.

Let's be honest, it ain't no designer nappy show when your salary's gone from Woo! to Whoah!

I've often searched about for bargains (like recently) when I did my Ocado shop. They had a three for two offer, and I managed to get something like 90 nappies for £12 - but the above is EVEN LESS!

I'm not going to have my chappies' bottom red raw, wet or soiled, but equally I want to get the best for his botty at a good price - and these Asda nappies are suprisingly good.

I've had no spillages, leakages and they fit really nicely - we've just moved from 3 to size 4 and I'm really nappy, (sorry couldn't help it) with the quality of the Little Angels range.

They are, in my opinion, on par with any other well-known brands.

Nappy shopping ladies.

LN x

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