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There gets a point in baby's life, when nothing entertains him for long.

It's a case of musical chairs, moving him from the high-chair to the Jumparoo, to the mat - it's relentless. Not in every babies case, but certainly my one who is 7-months.

So when I stumbled across the Galt Play Ring, at would you believe it, a church fete. I knew we had to get one!

Leaving my little one inside with books, toys, teddies, gave peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that he was secure and going nowhere, cosily nestled in the fun farm inspired play ring. All you need to do is simply blow it up, and away you go.

My little dude is an escape artist in practise, I velcro him into his Nuna chair to keep him in place, which consequently doesn't. I once found him trying to make a bid for freedom - too adept in escapism this one. Mini Houdini in the making.

It's nice to know that, for a little while at least, I can leave him happily playing (see below).

I researched and found a few excellent price-point options on Amazon who sold and delivered the American brand, Galt. They also do play mats & various other bits but this item is great for a child that's learning or practising to sit up so from 4/5 months upwards it's brilliant.

I'd highly recommend this over a play mat as at least your little one can sit up, lay back and enjoy himself without you worrying about him grabbing things he shouldn't! You can take it on hols, use it on the beach, or slap him in the kitchen while you tidy up *yawns*. Either way - it's a god send.

And for £20 - who's complaining?

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