Just recently I started letting the little man stay with both nannies. Now 7 months, I finally felt brave enough to hand him over. But having got him into some kind of sleep routine in his big boys cot, I was petrified to break this. After all, a well rested baby is a happy baby, right?

I'd recently been made aware of a fab infographic by Kiddicare, showing all the different sleep stages of little ones and the sleeping options you can choose.
Using a bed timeline, they look at all the different type of beds a baby can go through in the first 5 years of life...a lot! And how many different alternatives there are, which is why I guess we spend so much money - thankfully their prices are affordable.
We did the moses basket, and Mr long-legs was out within a couple of months, we're now onto the cot, and he snoozes happily in a sleeping bag (Gro bag) every night.
But because I have now relented and am happy to hand him over - we need to choose another sleep service. The travel cot.

Sleep Solutions Kiddicare

(click on the link to see all the sleep options)

Kiddicare have a huge sale on (if you haven't noticed). And in the online sale they had an array of cots under the £50 mark. Perfect for something that'll get dragged around to and fro'.

On the site, my beady eye spied one at RRP £59.99, and on good old google it still retails around £45-60 at different retailers, but it had a lovely £20 off at Kiddicare - making it a purse-friendly £39.99. Bargs.

Resplendent in red, blue and green and yellow primary colours, the travel cot doubles up as a playpen/play centre. 
Absolutely faultless to assemble, (even for a cack-handed idiot like myself), the practical cot comes packaged in a carry bag with a fold up mattress.
The 'biscuit-like (nanny's words) firm mattress is always happy for a booster, you can add any extra height or comfort with one of Kiddicare's foam interior travel cot mattresses (around £25), but our little man was happy with oodles of blankets and cot sheets to soften his lay, and he slept well, popping up in the morning to let everyone know he was awake. 
Equally, as he is insistent on tearing off velcro, wedging himself underneath chairs, and trying to throw himself of beds, using it as a playpen helped relieve much stress when you need to get something done.

This cot gives you the sheer basics, no basinette, no changing mat, no wheels - but for this reason it is far more lightweight and simple to use than other fussier models, and to be fair, some expensive counterparts we've seen don't offer much more - but are triple the price. 
Who cares about a changing mat - that's what the bags are for, right?

The cot is fab for a young baby, as there is no basinette to bring them higher, it may be better from 3-4 months onwards, but it's a fab purchase and really good for families who don't want to splash out big bucks but want an EXCELLENT product. I'd definitely recommend.

Despite him coming back with a Hitler-esque hairstyle and making me earn his affection (much like my cat), all was fine within an hour and his cheeky little giggle was resonating through the halls.

He's done a short stint with both sides (due to wedding season), and thanks to a little sleep bargain we found - it went a dream.

Click the above link to try & buy.

LN x

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