GLUM MUMS I Motherhood. Exhaustion and comfort eating- the vicious cycle


As Mum to a demanding toddler and a hungry breastfed 6 month old (who wakes several times a night to feed), my exhaustion has reached new levels the last few weeks. My breastfeeding hormones are also making me feel like I have constant morning sickness.
I have unfortunately sought solace in comfort foods which is obviously not helping in the vicious cycle of feeling tired and crap.
What I should do is eat healthily and try to get to bed earlier. However, I don't currently have the strength of mind to do it. The only thing pushing me in that direction is my swollen belly and large dress size!
I am actually a vegan so one would think it should be easy for me to cut the junk- but I'm afraid that sometimes a green smoothie or a handful of nuts just doesn't cut it. I want home baked cookies, Green and Blacks dark chocolate and strong coffee with tons of soya milk.
I am aware that caffeine and alcohol are naughty when breastfeeding and cut them completely with my first baby whom I breastfed to age 2. I still don't have much alcohol- the occasional half glass though and feel guilty about that!
I tried going raw with no grains for a week a month or so ago but felt weak and awful. I now understand that it's not good to do special diets when breastfeeding, especially cleanses, as this can release toxins, and the breast milk also needs nutrients from grains.
So essentially I need to cut back on coffee and snacks and try to eat less fat. I have been sprinkling lots of power powders on my food and taking Biocare supplements though. (See image).
I am sure many mothers will empathise with my predicament, as I tell myself that it won't be long before things calm down and I can return to my old self.

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