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Writing this blog means I have to try and stay current by reading all kinds of nonsense on the internet, which includes the Daily Mail among other rags. Today I happened across this old article in the DM about what first attracts a man to a woman. Apparently, according to unspecified research, it's our eyes.

You can read the article here.

Now, I don't know about you ladies but I don't believe for a second that our eyes are what first attracts a man. I mean, setting aside the fact that it's totally unrealistic, in most cases it would also be practically impossible. If a man spots you across a bar, or even if he's standing next to you at the bar, how good a look is he really getting at your eyes? Or if he sets his sights on you sashaying past his desk at work, how big an impact are your eyes really making?

That said, I do believe that once we get the opportunity to actually see a person face-to-face, their eyes are definitely a deciding factor on whether there is an initial attraction worth pursuing.

We can't all be beautiful in the true sense of the word, however I don't believe I've ever met someone with ugly eyes. It's a cliché, but for most people eyes really are the windows to our souls. They show humour and happiness, intelligence and idiocy, our emotions and our state of mind.

So it's definitely worth dressing them up to show them off, whether you're looking for a new love interest or keeping the love alive with your current partner. Here are some tips from Smashbox on how to apply eyeshadow for your eye shape and type.

RL x

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