When you get to where I am, 33 weeks - most things, unless seam free cut into your wobbly bits and bump. So it's imperative you ditch the usual £1 knickers from Primark, and invest in some proper bump-friendly brassieres and knickers THAT LOOK NICE!

Hello Cake lingerie. Sold in over 45 countries - including loads of department stores like Debenhams - The Cake brand is the tasty underwear morsels we've been waiting for.

I received some Cotton Candy Seamless Brief and Luxury Seamless Nursing Bra and despite wincing at the small label (am buying Medium and Large ATM so they sit low) - I eased myself in seamlessly (scuse the pun) soft knickers.

With decadent names like 'licorice', 'cotton candy' 'rocky road' and 'sherbert' they prove that maternity undies can be sexy, and the soft nude and pink hues are really flattering against my pasty, mottled, veiny skin!

Seriously though, I'm really impressed - and so grateful to have found these. I purchased some La Senza items the weekend before and spent the day hoiking them up and rubbing where they were cutting in.

So mummas if you're finally ditching your usual Primark numbers, and want to show dad you're a HOT MUMMA - have your cake - and eat up the praise!


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