GLUM MUMS | All is not lost, just buried somewhere in boxes


After a hectic couple of weeks packing and a pretty stressful move day we are finally in our lovely new seventies retro home. All that's missing is a bowl for the keys :-D

Trouble is, in the last two days I've not been able to find any of my beauty products or toiletries. The removal men, though very nice, failed to appreciate the importance of these items and ignored my careful labelling, putting them somewhere I have yet to find. 

Luckily I have some dregs left from my travel goodies to tide me over for the basics but I'm not keen to venture out into my new town with Lucy without slapping on a bit of make up and whatnot. I'm hoping to make some new friends here but that'll never happen if I have my 'haven't slept in days' scary Walking Dead face on. Seriously, moving house is not kind on skin. 

Worse, we don't have internet access yet so doing a bit of next day delivery online shopping isn't an option unless I do it on my phone which is always a nightmare.

So tomorrow I must brave box mountain to find my buried treasure. Wish me luck ladies!

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