BABY vs MUMMA I Potty Training Essential Sanitiser


I hate germs!! Anyone who knows me will testify that I have always had a strong aversion to dirt, mess and germs. Unfortunately having a baby/toddler means both my hands and bubba's are constantly getting grubby with sticky food, wee, poo etc. Now that my daughter is 20 months old and we have started potty training, this is even more relevant. Yesterday she touched the loo seat and I freaked out and made her wash her hands. She actually loves soap and washing her hands, oops!

Anyway, as we all know, it can be impossible to find proper hand-washing facilities when out and about, particularly when potty training a child who has no idea they shouldn't touch certain grubby things!

Usually I carry both anti-bacterial wipes and anti-bac gel. However, I am always a little worried about the chemicals they contain absorbing into our skin, with bubba being so young and sensitive, and me being pregnant and breastfeeding, Therefore the following product is a godsend!

Organic Children Sticky Hand Sanitiser
£9.95 for 100ml

Containing organic aloe vera, tea tree extract, orange and mandarin, the Green People Organic Children’s Sticky Hand Sanitiser is a great alternative to mainstream hand sanitisers that use chemical ingredients such as alcohol which can strip and dry out the skin, and Triclosan which has been linked to hormone disruption.
Tea Tree extract provides the antiseptic properties.

This sinks in easily and doesn't leave any residue or smell. I feel safe putting it on bubba's hands when no soap and water is available, and carry it everywhere using a quick squirt when hands get sticky or grubby and wiping with a tissue if necessary.  It is a foam and one squirt is plenty and you get up to 200 squirts per bottle.

My only suggestion would be for a mini-size for the handbag so it is more easily grabbable, because currently I put it in the changing bag as it is big in enough to make a handbag that extra bit heavy.

Give it a squirt for yourself!


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