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Just a quickie (oo, er missus).

One thing that has affected me massively since giving birth, (is not just the puffy extra wobbly belly or pissing if I laugh too much), but the excess hair I've gained on my face and chin.

Winter daylight is one of the harshest lights of all - and shows up every lump, bump and, 
er, chin hair known to man.

Forget HD ready - this is WD (winter daylight) ready or not - and no amount of plucking is going to hide a black hair in that unforgiving light.
You know those people that chat intently to each other? Hand gently resting on the chin?
It's to hide a chin hair they've just discovered having brushed their hand against a prickle - 
I know, because it's me.

Maybe I've just become critical in my old age, or a lot more conscious.
Perhaps the fact I stare in the mirror intently looking for that next grey hair, wrinkle or sun spot - and in doing so have noticed a moustache (albeit a dark blonde one) and BLACK, yes, BLACK chin hairs.

I laughed at my mum plucking away, pulling a Bruce Forsyth face as she did so. 
But fast forward 20-years (gawd, that makes me feel old) and it's me.
Unsurprisingly, I've had a sense of humour failure.
Anyway, you get the drift.

So I had to get the big guns out - all £400 pounds of them.

So before you say: 'WTF is she on?'
STOP! (Hammer time).

The Philips Lumea can be shared with friends. So price per (hair removal) isn't so painful *sniggers* and you can indeed share with others!

Just like the TENS machine and pads I so lovingly shared with my friend (NB: The same hairy, sweaty pads which helped us through three births, me one, her two).

So, in short, it can be passed about weekly - so you can all plan your fortnightly schedule until you can all be fuzz-free friends together.

I have given myself one 'pass' so far.
When I say 'pass', I mean one session on the old IPL system which is described as salon performance at home - all minus the inconvenience and cost.

The other day, my friend (not pad girl) also had a pass, in the same area.
See! It's not just me with the beard going on.

The machine was developed with dermatologists, and is the fifth edition they've made (forgive me Philips, if I am incorrect).

If the others were the Aston Martin - this one is the Rolls Royce of hair removal.
I was so excited to receive one (didn't pee myself this time).

The Lumea experts recommend using the gadget every 2 weeks for the initial 4-5 treatments, so that means my second session is due very soon.

There are three attachments; One for the face (that ultra sensitive area), one for the body, and one for the bikini area (also ultra sensitive). Especially if you're me.

You can also choose which of the levels you desire; from level one to five.
Five being the big daddy of all - aka most painful one (think a quick mini flick on the face).

Of course, me being pathetic, screaming and running around my lounge Benny Hill style as my friend waved the innocent looking device at me. I opted for a mild elastic band number one (I know, shame on me) and I barely felt a thing at all. It. Does. Not. Hurt.

Serene hair removal image - unlike my scene

Anyway - nothing to report yet. But I have found myself no longer giving myself chin rash with my constant stroking of said 'lady beard' at desk, looking for that all-too-familiar sharp follicle.

Now I have got round to writing this post it's become very apparent that this mama hasn't had so much as a whisker....

Hmm. Interesting.

Watch the video above.


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