With baby brain I often repeat myself and forget a lot.

I forget a lot, and, oh, yes, anyway....

This morning I locked myself out of the house with him inside, (baby, not husband FYI), that should highlight the 'BB' in full force.

So - forgive me if I've waffled on about the forthcoming item before - This is not sponsored, and deserves a post solely because its BUM-derful and speaks very much for itself.

My 23-month old son has this new thing of telling me when he's about to do a poo, so his pants come down, poo in the potty - wonderful. It is often in public, across a shop, in the park - followed by sniggers as he shouts: 'Poo! Mummy, poo!'

But today he denied the existence of a poo (when I damn well knew he had) - exclaiming: 'No poo!'

Each time I came towards him a tantrum ensued, followed by a desperately feeble: 'No poooooo!'

Yet every movement of his, gave a distinct waft I can only describe as fakkin' awful (and half an hour later my entire lounge still stunk of rancid poo).

Hoisting him over my shoulder, I whipped his nappy down to discover he had baboon botty (red raw, to you and I) - hence his persistence of 'no poo'.

I very rarely slather nappy cream on, his bottom is a very healthy pink - do you? 
Am I parent failing here?

If he's teething, and the acid gets through his stomach to his poo, I often find they're rather stingy on his bottom and the tell-tale redness speaks volumes that he is, indeed, teething. 
I can only liken it to a spicy curry. Ring sting.

Bum chums

Grabbing the closest item, a mini tube of Weleda Mallow Nappy Cream, I applied liberally (against his will). Popped a fresh nappy on (Pampers Baby Dry, if you would like to know).
Then a few hours later when I placed him into the bath, I was amazed to see how much his bottom had calmed down and gone back to a healthy pink, in fact there was no redness at all.

When he has the sore 'baboon bum' it's often straight to the docs to get steroid cream - but I'm speechless that a high street cream managed to get his butt back to peachy so quickly.

Natural Bum Saviour

So here's the lowdown: It's 100 per cent natural and £8.95 for 100ml.

The rich cream is formulated for hypersensitive (allergy prone, eczema) skin in babies, and has organic extracts from calming mallow and skin kind pansy, then sesame and coconut oils to help maintain healthy skin.

Also Zinc oxide protects against damp, and the lovely soft scent comes from golden beeswax and organic coconut oil (my fave).

A baby's skin is five times thinner than ours, the fatty tissue (subcutaneous) is structured differently, and the top layer (corneal) contains much less fat than ours, so moisture really escapes and weakens the skin's natural barrier functioning.

The main ingredient, Mallow, a plant rich in organic gel can soothe and moisturise the skin and provides a protective layer.

The Mallow cream has won two awards (Organic & Natural Business Awards 2014) and Best Skin & Body Care - Baby Derma White Mallow Range.

If you'd prefer a more natural nappy cream over a steroid cream (NB this thins the skin furthermore with overuse) decide whether you'd be happy to part with £10. 
I know what I would do.


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