COOL MUMMAS I Advent Calendar Round Up


We're already into November, so it's time to start thinking about what advent calendars to get our bubbas. 

 Here's our top picks 

 1 - It wouldn't be Christmas without these little gold bunnies, so how about this Lindt advent calendar.

Lindt advent calendar RRP £5.00

2 - For something a bit more fun, and ahem, messy, Play-Doh have an advent calendar that's ideal to keep the little people busy!

Play-Doh advent calendar £16.55 from Amazon

3 - We're walking in the air..... Thorntons pay tribute to the Christmas classic with this advent calendar.

Snowman advent calendar RRP £3.00

4. Playmobil. Not cheap, but will keep older kids occupied.

Playmobil advent calendar. RRP £18.99

5 - Fill your own advent calendar. This is something we do in our household, as my daughter isn't a massive chocolate fan. We fill the drawers with a couple of Haribos, a pair of hairclips, festive hair bobbles etc. The challenge is finding tiny gifts that will fit!

Lit advent house £30 from Next

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