I've admittedly been a bit lax about updating you all on my pregnancy progress, other than to moan about crappy M&S bras and so here I am in bed on a Saturday night to give an update.
I'm now 22 weeks and due to see my consultant again in mid December when I'll be 24 weeks.  On my last appointment all looked good, no changes to my cervix length and we then had our 20 week scan two days later and to great surprise found out we are due a pink bundle.  I say surprise, it was obviously 50/50, but at the consultant appointment he asked me if I wanted to know, to which I declined as the Mr was at work, and when I quizzed him, he said he could see something... which I took to mean a winky!
To celebrate our news I baked a cake for Mr J's crew at work (yep he's a fireman) as they were amazingly supportive during our whole journey with Oliver.  They were briefed that they would find out the gender when they sliced the cake.
So, so far so good.  Until now I've kept my pregnancy under wraps (literally) at work, but this week had a meeting with my colleagues in London who are the only ones who've known, and it was nice to be able to share and explained me drinking lime and soda in the pub afterwards.  
Two days later, my friend who's on maternity leave came in to the office to visit and loudly announced "let's see the bump then!", cue a lot of puzzled faces!!  Not surprisingly, after a 2 year absence and the worst time of my life, during which time I barely heard from any of them, announcing my news wasn't a priority.
The next hurdle will be Christmas.  Firstly, it's our first Christmas at home for 3 years, the last 2 were spent in Birmingham Children's Hospital with Oliver, who of course isn't here, and secondly I will be 25 weeks pregnant during Christmas week which is when I went in to labour with Oliver... 25+4 to be exact and he arrived at 25+6.
We've not yet bought a single thing for this baby, as there was nothing worse last time than seeing a lonely white crib in the spare room, that never got turned into a nursery and never got used.  Well actually, that's crap, there was a lot of things far worse, but nonetheless it was a reminder that we never got to bring our newborn home.
Post gym bump shot at 21 weeks


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