As temps drop dramatically, we wonder how to keep our little pickles warm and toasty. 

I'm piling on socks along with jogging bottoms, so imagine how chilly our little lambs are?
There's the winter 3.5 tog Gro-bags but what about their little arms getting chilly?

This is where the Gro-suit comes in. 
From around £14.99 for a twin pack they're designed to be used with a Gro sleep bag in temps below 16 degrees celsius. They have quilted sleeves to keep your baby's arms warm rather than your usual cotton sleep suits.

The Gro-suits have padded arms, so when combined with a bag they're essentially a sleeping bag with sleeves. 

Gro-bags are purposely made without sleeves to comply with British safety standards to aid heat loss and air circulation, so baby doesn't overheat.
The sleep suit has a single-layer fabric all over bar the quilted sleeves. And at temps this chilly, they're perfectly safe.
We love ours.

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