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Employers certainly don't make it easy to return to a role, do they?
If we met in the middle at three days, there would probably be a lot more working mums. Two days, long weekend with baby and a nice 12 days pay packet - perfect.
However, many companies say this 'doesn't meet the needs of the business', so what happens then?

Quite truthfully, all four of us here can document our negative treatment whilst on maternity, and all can categorically say we felt anxious, nervous and angry at times.
While idiosyncratic people made life difficult through jealousy, general stubbornness, and quite frankly a lack of professionalism. 
We've all been left in very tricky situations.

One of us was offered 5 days and a new role, one was given a horrendous appraisal having not even worked a day in 2014. Which was swiftly rectified as very obviously personal.
One was told to return to a lesser role, another offered a very mummy-friendly 4 1/2 days (not), went to appeal and got...4.

One saw an email from her bosses' wife saying 'get rid of her', which swiftly disappeared and she found...this has worked to her advantage as she works 2-3 from her new abode. 

The last went back 4 days, is pregnant again and feels she's already feeling the backlash. Why should we be made to feel bad just for being mums? 

Why do other women and men make it so difficult, and really disappointingly a lot of them are parents themselves? It leaves you with no other alternative but to leave, right? 
In hindsight, neither option is the easy option.

Society needs to change and adapt to the modern way of the world. We want to have a career and bring up our own kids, we don't want a generation of children being brought up mainly by nurseries/nannies/grandparents. The government is trying to help with new laws and guidelines but it's time now for companies to take action and take our flexible working requests seriously. 

All I can say, is if it wasn't for blogging and the general pbloggers network and support, we wouldn't be brave enough to follow our hearts. It's lovely to see our fellow bloggers taking the plunge, or fighting their corner and empowering others. After all, we've given birth... Nothing compares!

Why should we let the bullies win? To miss those wonderful, magical and special moments that money can NEVER buy, and you certainly can't get back.

What have you experienced? Please let us know.

Bubs Team 

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