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I love writing about winter beauty. Especially for a mum to be, or a new mum... Because it's all about pampering and rich, nourishing products to keep dry, itchy skin at bay.

Dove have launched this new limited edition Winter Care Collection. We were lucky enough to trial.
It includes a DeepCare complex which is full of rich essential oils. 

A tip I learnt from specialists as a Beauty Ed was to slather your hands or feet in your favourite product then sleep with gloves or socks on to help the product penetrate overnight. And trust me it worked!
A lovely suggestion to all you tired and weary mummies and so easy to do (enlist a friend/partner if bump is too big!)

Luxurious rich nourishment cream, our fave

Dr Shefali Rajpopat, Dove Skincare Expert gives some top tips for Winter mummies...

Avoid long, hot, baths. Hot water strips the skin of natural oils, so reduce bathing time to 10-15 (darn)

Wrap up warm by layering, but use soft breathable fabrics, like cotton, instead of wool or polyester that may irritate the skin.

Use a sunscreen all year round. Winter sun can still harm the skin.

Winter care nourishing body lotion RRP £4.19, rich nourishment cream RRP £3.99, hand cream RRP £3.79
The whole range is available at Tesco nationwide 

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