HOT MUMMAS | Your skin hates the Hokey Cokey


Your skin hates the Hokey Cokey. "In, out - in, out, and shake it all about..." I'm not talking about the never-ending song that my daughter loves, I'm talking about how going in and out all day long badly affects your skin. "And that's what it's all about...!"

Particularly in the cold winter weather, our skin is faced with hot air vs cold air constantly. Radiators indoors, then bitter cold gales, hot air blowing in the car, fake air in the office, warm horrid fumes on the train, rain/snow/wind, shops with hairdryer style get the picture. All this Hokey Cokey really takes its toll on our complexions. I moisturise day and night, wear good foundation etc so what else can be done? Well transport me back to the nineties to everyone's then-favourite shop, The Bodyshop. 

Facialist Nathalie Eleni, who we had the pleasure of meeting at an event last month, advised that the Bodyshop's Vitamin E face mist is a winter must-have. It's a moisture boosting spray for all skin types, just apply whenever you feel the need throughout the day, even over makeup. In fact it's actually designed to set makeup, though I'm using it for its hydrating benefits. It's blended with rosewater so smells heavenly, non-clogging and the 100ml bottle is perfect for your handbag, or even your airport hand luggage if you're lucky enough to be jetting off sometime soon.

I've only been using it a few days but already I can feel that it's doing my skin good; it makes me feel quite refreshed and calm, especially during the Christmas shopping dilemmas and to be honest I feel it's quite pampering so it could even be a nice gift? Priced at a purse friendly £8.50, but The Bodyshop often have offers - I snapped it up for £5.10 (I do love a bargain). 

In store or online at, £8.50 for 100ml


P.s I hope you're not now singing the Hokey Cokey all day.

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