Whenever my baby doesn't sleep well, I put it down to teething - darn teething, every time.

Wearily I trudge to his bedroom, rock him back to sleep, pop in the dummy, trudge back to mine with him in tow, you know the score - we've all been there.

However, the other morning, I had an epiphany. I had simply changed his nappies to a competitor brand.  Could this be the answer to his nightly awakenings?

Let me first say, I'm not averse to trying new brands, bargains, and basics. I'm not knocking the new nappies at all, they're affordable and keep those poo spillages/squashed packages in tact and are really great for the day.
But in the morning, they seem to be a lot heavier, and soggier than my favourite brand I have used from birth - Pampers Baby Dry.

So - after swiftly purchasing a new packet, of Baby Dry, unless it's pure coincidence - he's been sleeping through again. Strange, huh?

(Aside from the other night when we had a sleepover and he kept standing up and talking in the middle of the night as we were all in the same room!)

I wonder if any of you other mummies have experienced this, or indeed want to try my top tip?

I guess those little bums get used to the cushioning or feel of a certain brand - but Mum knows best.

Baby Dry £15 for 74 or 148 for £25

Lauren x

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