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I love Dove, in particular their original creamy beauty bar, which always conjures up smells of fresh washing to me.

A bargain at £2.69 for four bars, and  probably even less if you shop about, but basically it's a great product for all the fam.

There's nothing better then getting a waft of a freshly washed bod as they sashay past, and to me Dove is the scent I'd love to be a 'waftee' of.

So imagine my suprise when I got a delivery of the new gentle exfoliating body wash and it had the same intoxicating scent - more powerful than the Dove usual body wash, and on par with the soap bar. I was suitably impressed for an exfoliator, which usually lacks in the scent dept. 
Dove originally brought out a exfoliating bar, but it seems to have phased out, and they've decided to re formulate into a silky wash.
With tiny blue exfoliating beads, Dove's new body wash is the perfect daily addition to the shower, as it not only exfoliates but keeps skin soft as baby's bottom.

Slough off dead skin cells, while moisturising your body in one easy step. It's a no-brainer really. 
Coming to a Supermarket near your SOON! 

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