What a lucky little boy Albie is.
Recently he received a huge delivery of Burts Bees goodies, both mummy and baby were delighted to give them a go.
Rather than list every single item, we decided to list our stand-out ones that are used daily, or could work as a gift for someone expecting soon.

Shampoo & Wash

One of our favourite stand out items was the lovely Burts Bees Baby Bee Body Shampoo & Wash for his blonde thatch, £7.99,
With aloe, oat flour and soy proteins, it's gentle and is sulfate, phthalate, petrochemical and paraben-free. To you and I - no nasties.
I added a 5p size blob onto Albie's fluffy head and gently massaged it in. It gave a fair amount of foam, we had no tears or fuss, in fact he barely noticed (was two busy with his bath shape-fitting fish).
I then smoothed some onto his body, his little chubby arms, working the silky lotion onto his stomach and limbs, and the whole time a lovely aroma of honey filled the bathroom.
After a natural dry to hone his curls, his hair was lovely and soft, non-fluffy and smelt delicious.
I kept drinking in the lovely aroma throughout the next day.

Multipurpose Ointment

We've used this from day dot, the rich shea-butter (a natural fat) based cream not only smells sweet, like almonds, and forms a effective barrier against dryness.
Again, with the Burts Bees ethos, it is 100 per cent natural. It's also pediatrician tested and approved and hypo-allergenic.
Even if baby has any flare-ups the cream is excellent for sensitivity, so both baby and mummy get relief in the form of this non-irritating ointment.
I had this on the side one day, and a friend helped herself thinking it was lip-balm, I daren't tell her I'd earlier been smothering it on his bottom!
This long-lasting number retails around £8.99.

Burts Bees Multipurpose Ointment

This brand is incredible for both mummy and baby - and makes a wonderful gift for a mum-to-be.

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