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I'm always hankering after cool pieces for my little man, but they tend to come with a whopping price tag.
I'm used to Primark these days, so when I see an eye-wincingly painful £35 jumper (that, let's be honest, will last 5 minutes) I run for the door and tuck away my credit card begrudgingly.

Here at Bubs, we were sent a couple of pairs of mega cool Blade and Rose leggings - and MAN are they super sweet.
With a small price tag of £10-11 per pair (dependant on stockist) - so not only are they reasonable, they can make a great gift too.

Designed and executed by Amanda Peffer, mother-of-two, whilst on maternity leave (there is hope mums!)  using her two children's middle names; Harvey (BLADE) and Issey (ROSE).
Jovially conjured up because baby Issey always had her nappy/bottom on show  - they are a cool way of finishing off an outfit - and leaving feet free to roam.

Style them up with a crisp white baby gro and you'll get plenty of wear out of them (not you, you know what I mean).

Rosie gained a rabbit, stripy pair - whilst Albie got a rocket pair, perfect for my little pocket rocket- I've also spied this particular pair on some cool industry people's kids. Yeah boi!

Blade & Rose

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