COOL BUBBAS I Aldi Mamia Shampoo


I love the smell of baby products, and don't we all?

That powdery, sweet aroma of a newborn, and as our little babies get older - it's nice to keep hold of that scent.

As you can see, I've been using lots of the Mamia Shampoo on Sir Albiechops (my son).

Aldi Mamia Shampoo

It, and he smells delicious!

The shampoo doesn't have the usual sweet, slightly sickly baby shampoo smell - but more of a soothing and calming camomile - like a cup of camomile tea, with a teeny bit of honey.
Containing Vitamin E, and a no tears formula - it keeps  his skin and hair nourished.
His lovely flaxen locks easily brush through and smell divine even the next day.

 A pea-sized amount covers his little locks - we've had this over a month already and as you can see - we're getting on swimmingly with our 500ml container.

At 79p - it's a baby bargain to be had, and really isn't scrimping on quality.

Aldi Mamia Baby Shampoo

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