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Recently launched was this Monthly Wellbeing Box for Mums-To-Be called:

A great concept: The idea is that it is a monthly box of wellbeing goodies designed to nurture the pregnancy journey of mum-to-be. Working with some of the UK’s leading brands, and industry experts, each Project-B box is tailored to a month of pregnancy, supporting mum-to-be with helpful tips, information and products.

You can buy it monthly or as a one off gift, and it costs only £14 a month.

The first Project-B box starts in Month 4 of pregnancy, with a further 6 boxes up to Month 10 - and a congratulations box - once baby has arrived.

The products included in each box are tailored to each specific stage of pregnancy and range from relaxation, to healthy eating, to household items, to pampering. Brands include Pregnacare, Palmers Cocoa Butter, Spontex, Nakd cereal bars, St Eval Candle Company, Green People, Nailgirls and more.

There is also an info sheet in each box, written by industry experts,who give impartial, pro-choice information in each box. These are Midwife and Health Professional Nikki Holdsworth RSc (Hons) RM and journalist and author of ‘What To Buy For Your Baby’ Liat Hughes Joshi. Their information covers the following: This Month’s Pregnancy – an overview of what’s going on! Eating Well this Month Staying Active this Month Shopping Ideas this Month - for pregnancy and for baby Plus a What’s in Your Box This Month – covering details on each of the products included.

I tried box number 3 for Month 6, which contained the following products:
  • Apthoderm stretch mark cream- (very small sample, maybe 2 uses so hard to tell if effective)
  • Mumkind Bump to baby food bar- (I couldn't eat this as I don't eat dairy which it contains)
  • Divine fairtrade chocolate bar- (as above, unfortunately contains dairy, a shame as I love Divine choc!)
  • Femfresh intimate wash- (try before nookie :) )
  • Nailgirls London Nailpolish- (a nice safe alternative to normal polish)
  • 2 x Tea pigs tea bags- (delicious!)
I think the choice of brands generally is good for the boxes, and allows women to try different 'wellbeing' products they may not otherwise be aware of. However, I think for £14 a month I would expect full size samples or more samples.

The information sheets enclosed were interesting, but I think they could be greatly expanded, for example the one about what's happening this month could perhaps be done week by week on a fridge magnet chart or similar, with pictures and fine details for each week, and telling me stuff from a midwife or expert that I might not get from the usual books.

The recipes were good, but not enough: these could also be expanded to perhaps a mini booklet full of recipes using a list of foods that are essential during your stage of pregnancy such as these: 

All in all, I think this would be ok as a gift for someone if you bought them a subscription to all the boxes, but I probably wouldn't sign up to it for myself. It is a great concept, but could do with a few tweaks to make it brilliant.

Find more details here:
Twitter: @ProjectB_UK 

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