HOT MUMMAS | Getting my caveman hair under control


Early on during my maternity leave I posted about the wonder of discovering that 2-in-1 shampoo conditioner is actually ok for my hair, and especially great considering how little time I had to actually have a shower. And it was great, up until about a month ago.

But almost overnight my hair just started getting dry and fuzzy and looking generally shite. As it turns out, the reason why that shampoo worked so well was because I still had a lot of those lovely pregnancy hormones knocking around in me that made my hair look thick and shiny!

But there is apparently a time limit on hair hormones - roughly 11 months post birth - and so it's back on the shampoo and conditioner for me. Not that I mind. I've been using L'Oreal Smooth & Polish which seems to have done the trick.

My other current hair raising issue at the moment is that I want to get my hair cut and coloured but I'm too scared to try out a new salon in the town we just moved to.

When we lived in south London I went to an excellent salon which not only did amazing colouring and cuts but was also super reasonable on price. (It's called Shine if you fancy giving it go).

Now I need to find somewhere new but the only way is to give the local salons a go by trial and error. When around town I see women with terrible hair and women with great hair but I'm not nearly brave enough to ask them where they get it done.

The thing is, getting hair coloured is expensive and if it looks shite there isn't much I can do about it - blonde is fairly permanent.

Maybe I'll just wait until I can't take my hair as it is any longer and then I'll be forced to just do it!

RL x

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