HIP MUMMAS I Cheap Warm Winter Maternity Coat


So I'm 7 months pregnant and have so far avoided purchasing a Winter Maternity Coat, which I will only get 2 months use out of! However, with temperatures dropping and the forecast lengthy cold snap predicted, combined with the fact my coat buttons won't do up andIi just popped a seam at the back squeezing into it (oops!) I'm thinking I may have to invest in one.

I want something that is a reasonable price and can be worn afterwards too so it's not a waste of money.

Here are my faves:

New Look Maternity Cocoon Zip Detail Coat With Rib Collar And Cuffs 
Available from www.asos.com

Looks great and could convert after the birth. Made mainly from Polyester though so maybe not as warm as wool.

H&M Mama Parka 
Available from www.hm.com

Could work well over lots of knitwear and keep the rain off, though not giving much warmth itself but defo a bargain and could be worn afterwards.

Black Padded Maternity Coat Yasta
Available from www.yummymummymaternity.co.uk

Looks very warm and it's waterproof, good for days out with the toddler a long time after the birth.
or paying that little bit extra:

Black Knitted Maternity Cape 
Available from www.seraphine.com

A stylish piece from my fave mat wear shop, in wool so hopefully warm, and you could wear knitwear underneath to keep warm. Also easily fits into post pregnancy wardrobe.

Decisions, decisions...


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