GLUM MUMS | Pesky Hairs


ECome forth hairy chinned mothers, or forever hold your whisker peace.

For many years I've watched and observed my mum plucking away at her Worzel Gummage-esque chin hairs, thinking gawd all mighty don't ever let me get like that. But on falling pregnant my once fluffy blonde chin hairs now seem to be reminiscent of black wiry cat whiskers. 

Ok, probably not that bad but from once feeling facial confident to now having to regularly gurn into the mirror whilst examining at close contact, there's defo sprouting black hairs!
Dr Sam Bunting our resident go-to babyurbeautiful expert says: 
"Increased levels of hormones called androgens (the male ones that give women their sex-drive) increase during the first trimester and this drives facial hair growth - you may also notice increased hair growth on the breasts, stomach and limbs.
"Tweezing, threading, waxing or shaving are all perfectly safe. However bear in mind that any new growth is likely to disappear within 6 month so giving birth - so don't lose sleep over it."

Thank gawd for that - I'm sure most new mums would agree - there's physically no more sleep to lose! 


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