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The town of Brentwood, to me, was home of my posh former private school.
Housing the likes of Trevor Brooking, Noel Edmunds and er, Jodie Marsh.

Conjuring up feelings of confusion, disorder and dislike (my school before that was wonderful, and closed down and I was thrust here).
Although one good thing DID come out of it - I met my best friend, Sara. (Currently in Oz).

To you - it'll be the home of TOWIE - big hair, big tans and big teeth (and the other T).

Today I ended up in Brentwood, Essex.

I took my little one to GYMROX - a great weekly playgroup set out in the Brentwood centre, with bouncy castles, a gym theme, swings, slides, all over the background of cheery kids music. Then cars, lots of cars (which he spends the majority of the 2 hours whizzing up and down on, despite having the exact ones at home).
Costing just £3.50 per session, it's well worth it. We always enjoy the experience.
The kids still seemed quite lively so we decided to go get some lunch after.

Next door to the Amy Childs Salon, The Brentwood Kitchen stands out in for it's classy nordic french grey exterior with bursts of sunny yellow (this is very nordic, ya?)
Inside is another story - my favourite white brick tiles, a neon bike precariously balancing on the wall (no, health and safety here - it really is secure).
Vintage, chintzy, eclectic - a hotchpotch of uncoordinated ornaments, paintings and decor - which give it a homely and very East London-esque feel to the sleepy (ish) village - and really work.

But best of all? KIDS CORNER!

*inserts clapping hands emoticon*

Albie & Sienna do lunch

Stencils and calmness

A round of applause Brentwood Kitchen, and all y'all mummies rejoice - finally somewhere we can enjoy a coffee and cake without a) grubby hand in either of the aforementioned, b) entertainment until lunch comes, c) we can hold a conversation without a melt down (unfortunately we can't stop the poo explosions occurring though).

The  children area wall is adorned with a hot pink serene wall sticker/stencil of children merrily swinging (ironic really, as Albie, my son fcuking hates swings).

The food is hearty, homely and delicious.
Three adults and three babies dined out for £32 - granted we had one orange juice, water and a coffee - but we ate like Kings and Queens. Pancakes drenched in nutella and infused with banana, an Omelette with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms - the two bigger babies ate pasta with homemade garlic bread, and Albie inhaled an omelette with chunks cucumber and tomatoes and a side of granary bread.

Nutella pancake delight

What an experience - sod coming to Brentwood to see the Sugar Hut. Take a drive out to Essex, then if you have time (and want to burn off those calories) head to Thorndon Park for the Gruffalo Trail.

Blindin' Brentwood.

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