Don't you just hate this miserable weather - August my arse!

Anyway, people ask why I jet off all the time - THIS - the darn unpredictable weather is precisely is the reason!

I digress.

I stumbled across a multipurpose ointment designed to simplify a mothers regime and a jet setters must have - one simple product with 101 uses - I won't name them all but try but a few!

Here's 16 quickies....Dry skin, lips, chapped lips, nursing nipples, cuts, eczema, psoriasis, lip protection whilst flying, burns, sunburn, mix with your lipstick for a glossy finish, eyebrows after tattooing, highlighting (shine), dry cuticles, skin abrasions, eyebrows in place...phew!

This is also a great hospital bag must-have, all that puffing on air dries your lips out horrendously - so keep slathering on a pea-sized amount of this - and they'll stay supple and silky soft. They offer a 8-hour challenge too - pop it on before bed, and see if your lips are still supple 8 hours down the line - (if you get a solid 8 hours!)

Lanolips 101 Ointment - £10.99 is available at Boots, Waitress, and also comes in a handy 9g travel sized tube for £7.99.

Well, imagine my absolute joy when I discovered they do SPF15 coloured versions!

As you can see from my picture they have a gorgeous really thick consistency - think nipple balm, the pigment is amazing so a tiny, tiny dab goes a LONG way.

Top to Bottom - 101 Ointment, Apple and Dusky Pink - my faves

With over 60 per cent Ultra pure medical grade lanolin, pure pigment and vitamin E, some lovely natural oils - unless you're allergic to lanolin - it's my favourite discovery of the summer!

Available in Rose - a 60's style dusty pink, Apples - a gorgeous juicy red, sunshine - vibrant for summer, dark honey, a deep nude, and rhubarb a pretty fruity pink.

These retail for £7.99 in all the above stockists

Lanolips Stockist

Lanolips in Apples

Lanolips in Dusky Pink

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