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Yoga is great for women - but when you're pregnant it's even better. I started teaching in 2006 after qualifying when I was nine months pregnant with my first child. Since then my classes have grown year on year - and pregnancy yoga is more popular than ever.

By Natasha Harding, Yoga Mumma

Yoga is a wonderful exercise to try as  it may ease many of the ailments that women suffer from when they're pregnant such as backache, sciatica and general aches and pains. Pregnancy yoga includes visualisations and women can use this time to connect with their unborn child.

You will also learn relaxation and breathing techniques that may help during labour.

Last year a study from The Manchester University reported that even a single yoga class can cut the amount of anxiety a women felt by a third. Great news.

It is so beneficial that experts have called on the NHS to provide free classes for pregnant women.

For many women labour is a horrific experience and they are left feeling sore and deflated afterwards. If there has been a traumatic birth there is a higher risk of post natal depression. 

In a normal labour yoga can help so much from a physical and mental point of view. By maintaining a regular yoga practice during pregnancy the positions will become second nature with the aim being that the woman can have an active labour with less intervention. 

If you'd like to try a class make sure you ask that the teacher is qualified to teach pregnant women and invest in the following;

Yoga mat - Sweaty Betty

Most teachers will have some mats but it's always nice to have your own. Sweaty Betty have a great range and most have a handy carry strap too.

Yoga generally ends with a relaxation and/or visualisation so make sure your feet are warm and snug. these OM socks by the Yoga Clothes Company are just lovely.

Poncho - The Yoga Clothes Company

If you're a bit chilly you won't be able to relax. These super-soft ponchos are perfect to keep you warm.

Meditation cushion - Yoga Matters 

Some women find it difficult to sit cross-legged. If you do then a meditation cushion is useful to sit on for most of the seated poses you'll do.


You'll be encouraged to lie on your left side at the end so will want to support your head. A cushion from your bed or sofa is just fine.


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