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GAWD it's taken me ages to post this - yes I am crap. But you'll forgive me for introducing you to this year's hottest make-up bag must-have.

The stress of going back to work, along with many other factors has left my skin somewhat shite.
My mummy acne is back. I conveniently get it on one cheek, which merely highlights its existance in comparison to the spot-free cheek.

I've been slapping on M.A.C face and body foundation, a very light, lovely, dewy almost tinted moisturiser, with a real watery base - then mixing it with the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, £38.50, Wonder Glow and I didn't feel any different, I was just going through the motions - and hoping it'd sort my skin out.

I visited a lovely chum's little ones 2nd birthday and after she quietly asked me if I'd been having 'BO', nope, not smelly pits - BO-tox.

Well, you can imagine I was somewhat taken aback, but also quite flattered she'd thought my skin was worthy of a hushed 'has-she-hasn't she?' moment. It wasn't until then I realised that aside from my MAC staple foundation, the only new factor in my make-up bag was indeed the Wonder Glow.

The instant soft focus beauty flash balm is a multi-tasking product that can be worn under or over your foundation, on its own or mixed in with foundation (which I do).
Had I indulged in a facial - I probably would have the guts to go out bare with the WG alone.

L to R Beach Stick in Ibiza, Magic Cream, Wonder Glow

As it is infused with tint, and has hints of warming gold particles in it it's ultra flattering on all skin tones.
 The soft focus effect blurs imperfections, fine lines (hell, yeah), dull and tired skin is left lustrious, silky and glowing.
With BioNymph Peptide Complex - which is also found in her Magic Cream (another winner but £70 for a pot - eek) Magic Cream the compex helps boost collagen production and improve on the war against wrinkles long-term.

Now if you don't know Charlotte Tilbury, she is make-up artist to ALL the greats, having used her make-up prowess to full capacity creating  oodles of front covers for Vogue. One of her best friends and clients, is the ubiquitous Kate Moss, she even named a NUDE KATE lippy after her, a rich, opaque mid-nude with hints of beige and peach - in equal measure.

The Wonder Glow is a real must-have, it'll be a great addition over lightly tanned skin, great with foundation and just every day for a quick boost. I'm also a huge fan of the Beach Stick in 'Ibiza' which has been used for contouring as well as a nice bronze boost - it is SH-AMAZING!

The Magic Cream hasn't amazed me, mainly for the large price tag and fact it's down to its last few scoops, if anyone begs to differ, please tell us!

L x

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