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My daughter has been doing baby-led weaning since 6 months (she's now 14 months) but we're only just getting to grips with cutlery and crockery...and it often ends up being smashed onto the floor. She seems to prefer eating from her high chair tray or table so I'm facing quite a challenge. 

Brother Max launched a new 'easy-hold' range some time back, which is now becoming increasingly useful. My little one loves the 'easy-hold 2-in-1 snack pot bowl' which she thinks is more of a game/challenge and easily keeps her amused whilst I get some chores done or have a peaceful cuppa. As you can see, she even ditched the toys to focus on getting her cumin and carrot rice puffs into her belly.

It has a removable lid and it's also great for when you're out and about, although I may have to tie the bowl to the buggy to stop her lobbing it at a duck/passer by...

The plates are pretty handy too, whether for baby to hold or for you to hold and feed. My little rascal likes to hold and feed herself whilst also testing the gravity of her pancakes. 

This is where the suction base would normally come in handy, however, either my high chair tray hasn't got the right stickability, or maybe I just have a child with super-strength...

They do a whole range of useful mealtime items, many with multi-functional usage and compatible with each other (i.e. The suction base can be used on bowls and plates) so check out their website for full details 

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