Now we're ashamed to say we haven't seen the new film yet - but there's so many little people, so little time...

We actually just wanted to introduce you to M & S Paddington Bear Bubble Bath -  that IS amazing, and we're rather jealous it's not for us!
Despite being designed for kids, PB fans everywhere will love this little treat.

Complete with a bright berry red waterproof hat o'er top of the cap, adorned with Paddington's body (navy blue duffle coat, natch) and cheeky little face. But our favourite part?

The fragrance and appearance of sticky, sweet marmalade - oh yes!

My well-trained nose would say it's actually more of an apricot jam aroma but the uber sweet scent wafting from the bathroom is just DE-light-ful.

As usual pour under running water, BEAR with it - and a bath full of will appear (soz, for the bad joke).

Described as: 'sticky sweet marmalade, zesty orange peel and a hint of fuzzy peach', your little ones will LOVE this for bath-time - just don't be tempted to eat it, ok?

£8.50 M & S nationwide 

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