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With just over a month to go until the most anticipated movie release of the century, it's the perfect time for OPI to release their new collection, Fifty Shades of Grey.

The new set that went on sale just yesterday is a must-have for this time of year, and although we don't wear the colours together, they look pretty darn good all lined up next to each other. I might even make a few of my friends a fetching shade of grey by wearing {shocker} one shade on my fingers and another on my toes. 

I've always loved OPI's descriptive names, my summer favourites were 'Cajun Shrimp' and 'This Little Piggy' although some names are cuter than the actual colour 'I Juggle...Men'!! OPI haven't let us down here either, with not only great names but a description too. I personally think the red is so hot it should've been named 'Slut Red' to match the movie more...

In case anyone is wondering, the film is released 13th February (Valentines weekend) and Christian Gray is played by 32 year old Jamie Dornan. If this pic is not enough to entice you to paint your nails, I don't know what is. 

Available at department stores nationwide (the nail varnishes, not Mr Grey) the mini collection is a bargainous £19.95.

Enjoy ladies, CQx

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