HOT MUMMAS I Save Our Soles


As mums, taking time out for yourself is a rare treat.
Whether it be for a quick nail paint, life-saving gel nails, or a blow-dry (the white noise often sends the sproglet off - remember this, ladies).
Whatever way you choose to use your spare time to feel half human, is an achievement in itself.

Having a 3-year-old at pre-school (3 today as it goes) *sobs*.
I get Tuesday and Thursday to myself to try and squeeze in a pamper around work and life admin - although most of the time is spent multi-tasking on the phone/I-pad (which he has usually commandeered) with every cloud 'n all....

Cat (Bub Editor 2) and I tried to co-ordinate our diaries, turns out she was having a pregnancy massage and I was off to review the new Margaret Dabbs, housed in Corinthia's swanky Espa Spa - so here we go.

Three weeks ago the internationally renowned Margaret Dabbs, set up a new sole spa at the Corinthia hotel, and I couldn't wait to waltz those weary tootsies down the marble hallways to prep for his birthday (Albie really appreciates red toenails, let me tell you).
His theme is 'Blaze and the Monster Machines' so naturally I planned a shiny red polish aptly named 'cheeky' to match his balloons!

Marble Massive - swanky changing rooms 

Before any colour goes anywhere near your toes, a thorough Medical Pedicure is performed, and this is where the pedicure is like no other I've ever experienced before.
Margaret is the pioneer of the Medi Pedi - which is performed by one of her skilled and qualified podiatrists. Mine was the lovely Thomas, extremely professional, friendly and informative - and a big fan of my feet!

This pedi is not focused on 'pretty' with just a scrub, clip and shape and shiny polish - this is the real deal and is a hybrid health and beauty regime for your tootsies.
However good or bad your feet are - the Medical Pedi addresses the foot in its entirety.
Turns out my 'disco ankle' is a little bit worse than I thought it was.
Thomas wants me back.

The Medi Pedi is performed on a dry foot to ensure long-lasting results. The entire 45-minute treatment takes place on a super huge squishy bed and gives it less of a clinical feel.
While you're all cocooned and cosy, out comes the surgical paraphernalia to remove dead skin, tidy your nails, and skilfully transform your feet from weary to cheery.
It's really strange to see your feet minus any polish, very unconventional these days.

Your feet are overhauled via the safe, surgical removal of all dead and dry skin and calluses.
The nails are then cleaned (all the gross dead skin removal under the nail bed), shaped and buffed (never seen the blighters so shiny, and bare) and your feet are left revitalised.
The lovely Thomas then added the pampering part of the pedi, of a scrub followed by foot massage using Margaret's signature Emu-oil based products.
Emu oil is used for its anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial products - all the anti's, if you please. Three hours later my feet still feel super soft.
The piece de resistance was being able to close my eyes for ten minutes and enjoy the added addition of oxygen to revitalise - minus the nitrous oxide part, unfortunately.

Then came the pretty part. I was slowly transferred (NB: floated) to the Finishing Studio to finish off my tootsies with the super shiny 'cheeky' that ravishing red I mentioned earlier.

Mammas on the Oxygen...

Medi Pedi: 45 mins is £85, with Director is £125,  Supreme Pedicure, 55 minutes £60, Shape and Polish, £25,  plus you get to use the swanky spa facilities at the

LN x

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