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There seems to be a huge influx of preggers friends right now, and all are due throughout the Winter months.
Boo! for rain and wind, but yey for limited edition gingerbread lattes and new baby snuggles.

So it brings me to the awkward burden of; baby shower, new mum and then the new arrival gifts - not to mention the left out older toddler. Leaving you seriously skint even before the baby has made its first appearance out of the womb.

Not that I have any aversion to spoiling my friends and their new sprogs, but my bank manager may haul me up soon and have a 'quiet word' as a £25 budget is never a £25 spend, and times that by three.  Then there's the before and after (her bashed up bits)  gift, travel to the shower, and all the pretty wrapping, cards etc that go with it.
You get me? El skintos.

The baby box hamper was a delight to discover. When you set your budget, they really help you stick to it - £25 is £25 and plentiful. A bit 'boat is boat' - (if you've watched Shirley Valentine you'll know exactly what I'm harping on about) In short, it is what it is.
There's boxes for twins (£40), pure white boxes for the ethereal earth mothers who haven't yet been acquainted with 'korma poo'.

What I love is that, the company source simple and useful items, wrap in a inoffensive brown paper box and  unisex bright red bow and do all the hard work for you.

For £15, for instance, you'll get a Lamaze toy, branded trendy muslin square and a very useful bandana bib - which looks cool even before it's a bib! I've been known to splash £15 on wrapping, plus tissue, a bag and a card - so why not let someone do all the hard work for you and save a mighty load of expense too?

I particularly love Baby's first Christmas Hamper at £40 with a fair isle sleepsuit, hanging ceramic heart, Santa hat, cranberry glass candle (for mum, obvs), obligatory Muslin, dazzle rattle and all packaged and pretty. Baby Box Company

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