No rabbits, hymns or mouthwatering Easter chocolates for me.

The only jesus I was involved with was the one I cried out each time I checked the thermometer - and that was every, ooo, two seconds?

This is a random post, but hopefully helpful - because I panicked when I realised my little one had the highest temperature I'd ever seen - 41.6 at its worse.
I'm not a shit, thoughtless mother leaving him to suffer - I called the NHS helpline 111 constantly - but as everyone and their dog seem to have some sickness bug/virus - unless your finger is hanging off - and even then you'd still have to wait - you've got less chance of getting an appointment than Peter Rabbit shitting chocolate eggs.
I took him to the doctor who brushed it off as a sickness bug/virus and that was that.
He only said 'no' for the last five days, and didn't walk about at all. It was horrible.

It started with sickness - it's ended up with average temperatures between 39-40 and me staying in for  five days. Yay.

So here's some top tips if god forbid, the lurgy comes to get you.


They won't be eating, they'll be off milk and really fussy.
Apple juice. What a saviour. Just like you would have Lucozade to build your strength up, give your little one a sugary, sweet number to make them feel slightly human again and give them some energy.
The doctor actually advised this by the time I got around to visiting him, when it was mothers instinct anyway. Boom.


On a drinking vibe - if they're not drinking and refusing water, milk, even apple - yet they'll take medicine (Calpol, Ibuprofen etc) why not trick them, and syringe some fluid into them.
So that my son didn't get dehydrated, I made a mix of water and dioralyte (rehydration drink) and managed to get 3/4 5ml syringes down him, followed a little while later by apple juice. I felt happier knowing he had accepted some fluid.
On any empty stomach medicines are rendered useless because, well, if you have an empty stomach they'll just come back up. Or there's the likelihood your stomach will over produce acid, which ends up being painful on its way along.
When I'm ill I refuse the aforementioned, along with fluid - so I'm not surprised my son is as stubborn as me and just wants nothing.
Syringe the fluid in - it's the way forward and will give you peace of mind.


Wow. This literally saved us. Albie was refusing all food including crisps and chocolate - which any right minded kid would normally snaffle if wafted in their face.
To cool him down my initial thought was a juicy orange or lemonade lolly,  my good friend Astra suggested ice poles and I recoiled in horror (E numbers). I was wrong.
It was the ONLY thing he took.
If your child has a respiratory virus they'll feel snotty, rotten with a sore throat - so think something soothing. Melon also did the trick. You could freeze some if you prefer to go down the healthier option - but doctors orders - sugar is needed.
After no movement at all, he suddenly sat up and slowly ate one, then another a few hours later.
The sugar hit, although I wouldn't normally do, gave him some energy.
He cooled himself down with TWO, yes two - who am I to argue? He was then bouncing off the walls but woke up the next day with a ridiculously high temp.
As he was so exhausted he slept through the night anyway, but as the flu/cold part of the virus came out towards the end - I spent two days up and down with him all night.


I'm totally grossed out he's been snotting and sleeping in my bed, I've stripped it all back and I feel a bit more relieved. I've aired every single room - and sprayed dettol spray on everything (including my pillows!) Hand sanitiser is a must for everyone after every sneeze, splutter and sickness - just keep washing, washing and more washing. No brainer really.


My little one did NOT move for 5 days, just laid on the bed, the sofa, in someone's arms. It was heartbreaking to see. They need to sleep to power up - so constant wittering whether you, the tv, or someone singing will help calm them, entertain them and send them off to sleep. It really fills you with confidence of how interesting you are but hey ho - it's not about you it's about keeping them happy.


Cold compresses aren't a great idea - they can make the temperature drop too quickly so your child will struggle to regulate. It's best to keep them in cool clothes, but warm under a blanket or bedding.
At the end of the day, or start of the day give them a nice tepid shower. Whenever I feel shit - I love a bath or shower to blast it out. Same as your little one. Mine spent a good 15-20 minutes turning himself around/sitting down and enjoying the calming sound, refreshing feel of the water - it cooled him down.


No brainer - it's all they want.

Over & out.



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