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People are very quick to have an opinion once it is announced that one is expecting. You often get told how you will be feeling, what you will feel like eating and what you'll be able to wear. Obviously a lot of this is well meaning and people tell you as that is what they experienced, or at least what they remember experiencing. I think a bit like the story that you will forget the pain of childbirth (I am really hoping so) people forget niggling symptoms that keep you awake, make you worry, but more importantly are a total pain.

Here are my top three and what I have done to alleviate symptoms.

I itch everywhere. I have had my blood checked a couple of times to make sure I dont have liver problems (after years of hard partying I expected them to say I had, but I dont). There is not a precise reason why you itch. Some articles cite the skin stretching, others talk about the hormones, but whatever the reason is, it is blinking annoying and borderline socially unacceptable (well beyond borderline when it's your nipples doing the itching!). I have found the only way to cope with it is to slather myself in oil - and in the poor old nipples case vaseline - which alleviates symptoms but leaves marks on tops bras etc and doesnt make you feel the best! There is however an alternative. Mama Mio sent me a brilliant pregnancy kit. There are different creams for different places. There is a non greasy bump butter, a bust cream (boob tube) containing extracts of cabbage, a leg cooling gel and a liquid yoga space spray to generally calm you down! I went a step further and got the "keep calm nipple balm" and I have to say its like magic (and I've used it on my lips too.....move aside carmex!). Available in John Lewis and online too. The pregnancy starter pack is available for £29.50, or mix and match the products you need for the symptoms you have - Mama Mio Range

Bleeding Gums
When people tell you that you may experience bleeding gums, what they dont tell you is that you may experience them to the point you are gagging over the idea of brushing your teeth. The easiest thing (and often the most tempting) is to leave them and let your teeth rot, however that is only going to make the problem worse. The best thing to do is use an electric toothbrush as it means minimal gagging but clean teeth (And just brush through the bleeding!). The Colgate ProClinical 1500 toothbrush is a lightweight toothbrush that doesn't have the clunky feel that some electric toothbrushes have and has smart sensors that adjust the speed and direction of the brush stroke . It leaves your mouth feeling much fresher and less like the bottom of a hamsters cage where a massacre has occurred. Granted your gums may still bleed a little bit but at least you know you are doing everything in your power to protect your dental health and with 5 times the plaque reduction in comparison to a normal toothbrush those gums are certainly being given a thorough seeing too

Dry/Sore Feet
These are probably linked to the itching/skin issues but my feet have become extremely dry and although I appreciate they are carrying extra weight - and still being squeezed into party shoes of a night and left to slop around in wellies when I walk the dogs - pregnancy has taken its toll.

Feet are apparently the most forgotten part of the body so I have given mine a double whammy of symptom alleviation; a DIY it will work at home option and some serious attention to make sure I don't end up with long term problems.

The Scholl Express Pedi is a great solution (while you can still reach your own feet) for giving them a quick smarten up. Buffing away dead skin and allowing them to be smoother again (and it will be a great tool to use once the baby is here for a quick DIY pedi when I have approximately three minutes to myself!).

In regards to foot pain I bit the bullet and made an appointment to see a local Podiatrist (they assess the bio mechanics of the way you walk.....sounds much more technical than it is....they do the technical bits!). All that extra weight I am carrying on my front  was taking its toll and has been causing me both foot and knee pain. After an assessment it was easy to see why. Neil at Kinetic Podiatry showed me a recording of how I walk and I have very flat feet. As a result I am rotating my feet at the ankle to over compensate for my lack of arch. Neil fitted my shoes with a temporary insole and told me to report back 6 weeks later. The lack of knee pain and pain around the ball of my foot - both of which I had assumed were just part and parcel of the pregnancy process - was noticeable within days. On my return to the clinic 6 weeks later Neil fitted me up for a more permanent pair of insoles that will allow me to correct the way I walk and therefore take the pressure off my lower joints. I went for standard insoles that will fit into my converse and winter boots as I figured that's what I'll mainly be wearing but such insoles are available for heeled/party shoes too.
Neil McAllister- Podiatrist

Now all I need to do is give birth to get rid of the extra weight that is now preventing me from rolling over in bed and pregnancy insomnia and life will be tickety boo......won't it?!?!

Thank you to Mama Mio, Scholl and Colgate for providing samples for review - all thoughts are my own.
Kinetic Podiatry is located at The Brentwood Centre CM15 9NN

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