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It's not often I'm virtuous but when I am - I do it with gusto - no Mc Donald's, gluten, or alcohol in sight.

In short, I'm one extreme to the other - a gluttonous pig inhaling chocolate and ice-creams; to quaffing smoothies, quinoa and anything else of generally unpalatable  taste and texture in order to shift the bloat.

So when the team had the chance to visit Ragdale hall (a hydro health spa) I got my fine fettle face on.

We headed to the acclaimed Ragdale Hall, where, despite working in beauty for eight years, I've never actually got the chance to visit.

On initial arrival the grounds appeared very well groomed. Much like the staff themselves. Unfortunately I couldn't say the same for myself. We'd both been putting the world's to right, running businesses, blogs and babies (baby making in Cat's case)  all very exhausting to say the least.

The Hall itself is located in the rolling Leicestershire countryside. The journey there from Essex was very pleasant - especially with Cat to witter away to on the 2-hour schlep.
There was an air of serenity (minus us stumbling along with our heavy bags we needn't have brought) and we loved ye olde world charm of the Victorian architecture complimented by state-of-the-art spa and modern chill-out areas.

Ravishing Ragdale Hall 

When it comes to a spa. I don't ask for much, but if I want a sauna and a hot tub  - I can go to my local gym, right? (It's a bit posh is my gym).
But I get listless, not to mention hot and bothered in the standard sauna, whirlpool and experience showers.
Give me a rose-petal scented steam room, twinkly relaxation room and a pan pipe/dolphin chorus for good measure - and I'm sold.

Well, I wasn't just sold - I was signing up to stay for the week (like literally pricing up a week).
The service and the general feeling is phenomenal - not a word I use often, but became enamoured with after watching a drunk guest on Come Dine with Me who kept repeating it after every mouthful of dessert.

In the past, the words 'Thermal Spa' always brought what I can only describe as disappointment - as I mentioned before, a sauna, whirlpool and freezing cold showers ends up aggravating rather than relaxing me.
I'm the token screamer with my howls reverberating around the spa area.

On entry to the TS (thermal spa), I really wasn't expecting much.
Cue a condescending sniff (so ungrateful) to discovering what I thought was a dry, boring slab of marble that I should plonk myself on and sit in silence. ...
After opening the door, there was marble, in the form of steps, yes!
At the bottom of those was a cave, filled with water and illuminated by multi-tonal lights in pinks, greens and pretty warm hues.

Twinkly lights at their best 
If it wasn't for the silence and an awkward stomach gurgle ( FYI I can't not talk for less than 5 minutes) I would have stayed in there and shrivelled up like one of the prunes that I was later served up for breakfast. It was divine! There was an inside rapid pool that lead to outside (pictured below) I won't spoil it for you if you decide to visit - but the TS had a LOT to offer two weary ladies.

Outdoor Pool Vibes 

I wondered if we were getting preferential treatment, it certainly felt like it. But then I realised that everyone is treated with the utmost care and individuality.
We weren't A-listers - but for that weekend felt like P Diddy flipping deuces at every opportunity.

Everyone receives a welcome drink on arrival and after every lunch and dinner, tea and coffee is on the house. Which, in effect, makes it feel like it's home from home; 'Cuppa tea, darl?'
There's none of this churning the guests out, hurrying them along and conveyer belt treatments like so many other spas. Everything is in your own time and, well, just refreshing really.

I also had a bloody lovely therapist,  Heidi.
(Let's all give Heidi a massive Heidi high-five.)
We were assigned to each other by chance, as you usually are (doh).
The facial I received was tremendously relaxing, I probably dropped some zzz's mid- massage as my spotty, aggravated skin was transported into silky, smooth and glowing.
After an hour of pummelling and enlivening using only the finest Decleor from their mandarine range (scented like sweet marmalade) it also has nourishing ingredients like cranberry and argan oil for parched skin like mine.
A quick Amazon purchase later, and I've now got this collection at home and LOVING it (quick newsflash; recently smashed on the floor).
I then booked up another two treatments with Heidi as I was hugely impressed - and trust me, like Gillian McKeith is to turds, I'm the beauty alternative.

I could honestly go on and on about our much needed weekend away, food was top notch, company was even better (go, Cat!) and the ultimate achievement?

We relaxed.

Babyurbeautiful were sent to Ragdale Spa to review, Overnight reviver break from £211pp including treatments, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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