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I don't buy myself a pair every month, but I feel like do for my little one... Because he hides or throws them.

I guess an average high street shoe for us ladies costs around £30, so why does a minuscule baby pair cost the same?
Clunky clarks, trendy Toms, swanky Converse or shiny wellies - they're all so costly, right?

Yesterday I begrudgingly waltzed into Office, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Office Shoes but it's painful buying the same pair over and over again because he's a) grown out of them super fast and b) thrown one of the blighters!

Anyone else experience this?

I longingly looked at the converse, but the faffing and laces puts me off.
Then, for something different, I spied a pair of New Balance chunky trainers, but wasn't entirely sold...
Then, fortuitously saw a pair of Puma Suede tucked away as she teetered off. 
The reason so lucky as they were £15 in comparison to the trainers at almost £30 - they weren't highlighted as in the sale. But im guessing they were. Bargain!

So, I just thought I'd let you lovely mummies know - they're trendier than Clarks, a nice solid sole and hard-wearing. If you look online at Office there's lots of lovely colourways to be had.

LN x

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