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Eleven short weeks ago - but it may as well have been eleven years ago judging by how different my life is now - Theo came into this world at 11.18.....through the sunroof. 
Having been such a wanted baby I thought I would take a lot of the rubbish stuff in my stride as I would be eternally grateful for this amazing miracle child. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love him to bits but there's a lot of tough bits that no one can prepare you for and it is only now nearly three months later that I feel I am coming up to the surface for air!
I have clung onto parts of my old life - I take him to our local village pub. I have embraced parts of my new life - NCT meet ups, baby massage and such like are great. I have started to create a whole new life - a combination of the old me and the new "grown up" role I now have of being Theo's Mummy....this part is proving more challenging in finding the balance!

All in all I love it but as he reaches his third month I look back horrified at the ridiculous amount of paraphernalia we have in our house that has hardly been used and yet is now nearly too small for him which made me think. There is plenty written about those god awful early hours of the morning with a colicky baby, of boobs that are no longer your own - in fact a body that isn't your own so as a result you hide it in breton stripes and hope one day it will be different....more of that to follow at a later date - but no one ever tells you what a waste some of the more expensive branded items are and alternatively when cheaper items dont cut the mustard! Here therefore as my first foray back into the world of blogging since 2016 is a quick run down of  my top 5 must have items/brands!


5. Pampers Nappies - Whilst I have always been brand loyal to my ketchup and washing powder I had very much taken the attitude that a nappy is a nappy and that whichever ones were on offer were the ones I would use. Having worked my way through samples and small packs of various other brands I always find myself reaching for the Pampers. According to the pack it is the absorbent layers and magical pods that make them less leakage prone, so basically they draw the wetness away from the skin. They seem to fit better than other nappies, with their shaped navel and being a boy, when he goes, he goes! They are also accredited by the British Skin Foundation so you're giving that little bottom the best possible chance!

4. Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra - The one I got was the Garnet Autumn limited edition colour - so it probably isn't available any longer but I needed to trial bras pre and post pregnancy. Most only come in black and white so it was nice to get one that was not only really comfortable but a different colour and there is a sweet pea pink one out at the moment. When I say comfortable, it really is. I tried some high street nursing bras and they were really uncomfortable with seams and edges that made life that little bit more scratchy, or they just couldn't cope with the weight of said bazookas and the bra would curl at the edges!

3. Milton travel steriliser - Not only has the actual steriliser been brilliant as it can be used on a microwave (And as it can be turned onto its side it fits in most microwaves) but Milton itself is still the sterilising solution I swear by. I am a cold water sterilising sort of girl. As an ex Paediatric nurse I have sterilised many a bottle and dummy in time (and in our case Sophie the giraffe as our chocolate Labrador, Eva, stole her from Theo's play mat!). Milton sterilises in 15 minutes which is half the time of the other brand I tried. It also doesn't leave anything with that awful taste that other brands do. I have been combination feeding so I dont do masses of sterilising (and mainly keep the travel one to hand and store all the unsterilised bottles in the bigger steriliser in the cupboard) but it is so nifty I wouldn't be without it!                                        

2. Huggies Newborn wipes - I started off using a pricier brand as they were marketed as being the purest available on the market. I only started using these as a lovely and thoughtful (male) friend left a food and supplies parcel on the doorstep and in it were a big box of Huggies wipes. When the fabulous purple haired midwife popped in to weigh Theo (more about her in another blog!) she commented on how good they are so rather than leave them until he was older I started using them straight away. She was right. As a wipe they are much thicker than other ones and made with natural fibres so its a bit like cleaning your babies bottom with a flannel. They are 99% water so the 1% of other stuff just adds to the clean and they are fragrance free! The previous brand I used were very watery and that isn't necessarily a good thing when an explosion has occurred!

1. Snugglebundl - I sound like a walking advert when people comment on my Snugglebundl but it has been by far and away the best £35 I have spent to date. I came across the stand at The Baby Show at Sandown late last summer and it seemed like a nifty idea so I bought one. The Snugglebundl is multi use and I think I can safely say we have used it in every way possible. For those of you who haven't seen one it is basically a baby wrap/hammock where you can transfer baby from car seat to house without having to kill your back carrying in the car seat (hats off to anyone who can carry it without bruising their shins), rock your baby to relieve them of colic (reason we have used it most) and then wrap them in it so they are semi swaddled and can sleep. It can also be used as a play mat and a cover for when you are feeding and we have also used it in emergency changing situations when you need a mat at that very second but we tend to use it more for colic, wrapping and settling him (it spends too much time being washed and dried to be re-used in all its other guises too often!) The salesperson I spoke to said it isn't for babies to be carried around in but I have to admit that whilst I didn't take Theo shopping in it for fear someone would bash him I do often carry him in it upstairs, into friends houses etc (and people do find it quite funny that it looks like I am carrying a bag of knitting about)! As I had a C-section it made lifting Theo out of his wool nest moses basket so much easier and I also have a really dodgy back so it took the pressure off that too. Nearly 3 months in it is still prefect to get him off to sleep in and pop him down without waking him....the only down side? I wish I had bought two!

The lovely people at Snugglebundl are offering readers 10% off. Use the code BBSB at checkout to claim your discount (offer valid until 27/04/2017)

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