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Monday, 28 July 2014

COOL BUBBAS I Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes

NEW: Pampers Fresh Clean Baby Wipes
The claim is “Bath like clean for a fresh feeling”

Fresh...Fresh...Exciting, it’s so inviting to me...(ok, I'll stop singing now).

Could these NEW wipes really allow us to skip the morning bath (post play-dough porridge) for a quick and easy exit out of the house?

Baby Led Weaning (BLW) - the practice where your little lovely feeds themselves, rather than the traditional purée route (see if you’re interested) can be a VERY messy business.

My 8 month old has been at it for about 8-10 weeks, and without the assistance of a good old baby wipe, he could be in and out of the bath like a violinists elbow and/or requiring a hose down in public after lunch.

Given we’ve been going through baby wipes like a dose of salts since we started BLW - we have had the pleasure of sampling a whole host of wipes. Water ones, natural ones, cocoa ones, old skool ones and cheap and cheerful ones...

Strictly a water wipe mumma for the first few months - we’ve branched out and found these:

New on the market and on introductory offer, we have given these fresh and exciting new wipes a go.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first; packaging - simple (easy re-seal wouldn’t go a miss though), pricing - comparative (competitive on offer or in bulk), usability - easy to get out of the pack, consistency - good (not to thin or thick) and quantity the norm at 64.

In comparison to other wipes out there - these new Pampers certainly pass the sniff test (mine and the other half) a really very pleasant fragrance on the nose in our opinion (I’m getting cotton fresh baby).

Handy when you want to leave your bubba smelling sweet after a salmon and spinach omelette for lunch or a particularly interesting nappy. From an absorbency perspective these wipes clear the mess quickly and easily. They are effective without being harsh on the skin.

Having suffered with the normal baby dry skin, these wipes leave his skin moist and “fresh” without being too wet and without drying his skin out.

All round in our opinion a good product and definitely a 'bath-like' freshness that would encourage us to buy again.

Currently on offer at Superdrug at a bargainous -  98p

Pampers Fresh Clean Wipes Offer

SK (guest blogette)

SAVVY MUMMAS | Grab some deals at the Tesco baby event

For those mums who didn't know, there's a Tesco baby event on until 5 August. If, like me, you're a fan of the Tesco Loves Baby nappies and wipes, it's a great time to stock up (although I got my daughter to do her first potty poo today so maybe I won't need them for much longer!)

There's also Aptimil for age 1-2 at £7.49 and a bunch of other useful stuff like baby gates, high chairs, potties, etc. Also there are some good deals on toys like this V-Tech bus that Lucy loves.

Check it out online

HOT MUMMAS | Avoiding that hot weather stink with some cheap smells

It's hot. And with the best of intentions even those of us with high standards of hygiene can get sweaty and, yes, even a bit stinky at times. (Though not as stinky as some people on the tube .. you know who you are!)

I suppose I should just be topping up on deodorant, but have you seen the price of it these days? It would cost a fortune to use it more than a couple of times a day. The girls in my office use body spray to freshen up and the one they have actually smells nice. I think it's called Soap and Glory Mist you Madly which costs £6.50 for a £250ml can.  It probably doesn't last that long - not like real perfume - but maybe just long enough to get you home or to the pub with a waft of sweet scent instead of a waft of BO.

Soap & Glory Mist you Madly
I've avoided body spray pretty much since my teenage years, but I thought maybe it's worth giving it  another try. After all, these products have come a long way since the 1990s.  So I popped to Boots at lunchtime and bought a few to try.

It's always annoyed me how hard it is to try out scents in a shop. For one thing I feel guilty about trying them out which is annoying in itself, but the only way to find out what they smell like is to spray them. If you spray it on yourself you're taking a gamble that you won't smell horrible for the rest of the day but if you spray it in the air or on a stick you don't get to find out what it really smells like on your skin. And if you want to try more than one, the smells just merge and then you're no wiser than before.

So of course I make the mistake of spraying the first body spray on my wrist. And it smells like air freshener. I think that one was called Vanilla and Peach so really I should have guessed.

After that I tried spraying a few into the air and took a chance and bought three. One from the Impulse range, one Boots own brand, and one I've never heard of before called Q.  I decided to avoid 'Charlie' and 'So..' as these are just too reminiscent of being a teenager.

The first one I've tried is the Impulse spray, juvenilely titled 'Into Glamour'. Actually it smells ok. The top note is kind of floral, and then you get a fruity smell underneath, and the lingering scent is kind of musky. It was only £1.99 so good for an emergency cover-up.

Impulse 'Into Glamour' body spray
Next I tried Q spray in Balance. To be honest I'm not a massive fan. The first impression is definitely a bit air freshenery and the residual smell is more like deodorant than anything.

Finally, I've tried Boot's own body spray in 'Bergamot and Berries'. I think I like this one best out of the three, although I might be walking round smelling like a scented candle all day!

In conclusion I think that I'll steer clear of these cheaper body sprays and invest a little bit more in the Soap and Glory one which smells yummy. Although at £1 a pop, the Boots sprays would actually make handy air fresheners to keep around the house!

Saturday, 26 July 2014


Thirty nappies for £3.00 you say? Oh yes please.

Hello Asda's little angels range.

Let's be honest, it ain't no designer nappy show when your salary's gone from Woo! to Whoah!

I've often searched about for bargains (like recently) when I did my Ocado shop. They had a three for two offer, and I managed to get something like 90 nappies for £12 - but the above is EVEN LESS!

I'm not going to have my chappies' bottom red raw, wet or soiled, but equally I want to get the best for his botty at a good price - and these Asda nappies are suprisingly good.

I've had no spillages, leakages and they fit really nicely - we've just moved from 3 to size 4 and I'm really nappy, (sorry couldn't help it) with the quality of the Little Angels range.

They are, in my opinion, on par with any other well-known brands.

Nappy shopping ladies.

LN x