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Friday, 26 September 2014

SAVVY MUMMAS | Flower power

I trust my GP, I honestly do, but sometimes you have to listen to your inner voice; this is even more true when it comes to 'mothers instinct'. My little 10-month old daughter has developed some kind of red rash on her face and chin and my GP is adamant that it is eczema – it's not that I don't believe him, but I feel like this eczema 'label' is dished out a bit too easily. I think it's quite mild but equally I don't want it to start itching and becoming too bothersome so I'm trying to banish it before it gets any worse.

Easier said than done. I've tried Oilatum (as prescribed by GP) bath oil and cream, no luck. Sudocrem? No luck. No bath products = still no difference. Change washing powder = again, no difference. I really didn't want to have to give her any kind of strong medication so when my mum suggested something natural, a cream made from Marigolds, I was intrigued – it was worth a shot.

Nelsons Calendula Cream 
"Specially developed to soothe and hydrate tired, damaged skin or skin that’s dry, rough, chapped or flaky, Calendula has been used for generations to nurture and restore healthy skin."

It's not described specifically to help Eczema, but does say it is for dry/chapped skin, and that's what Eczema in its mildest form is. I found the cream easy to apply, rubbed in quickly, not at all greasy and was kind of watery (but not sloppy) rather than thick so I think the tube will last a long time. It says it's for all the family and hooray it's also for tired skin (that's certainly me) so I also slapped some on my dry knees, elbows and face for good measure – I do love a product that I can use too!

I've only been using the cream for a few days but I can already see an improvement to the eczema so fingers crossed it will do the trick. Marigolds...who'd have thought it? Flower power people, peace out ;) 

Available from 
£5.10 for 30ml

CQ x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

HOT MUMMAS | Emergency cover

Olay Total Effects CC Cream Complexion Corrector

I'm the type of woman that would scare people half to death if I went out without makeup on, or at the very least I would get enquiring looks as if I were ill. I'm pasty, patchy and spot prone.

It's not uncommon for the doorbell to ring and I'm bare faced, or I have to urgently dash to the corner shop. Thank goodness for my Olay CC cream. It looks like foundation but has the texture of my normal Olay moisturiser – it gives a light coverage whilst keeping dry skin at bay, provides SPF protection, anti ageing and over time it evens out skin tone too. You gotta love multi-action products, I don't always have time for the full facial routine.

I also feel like I'm being frugal, (love that feeling) there's no point in 'wasting' my pricier foundation to just nip to the park with my baby for half an hour, especially when this CC cream does the job in just one pump of the bottle.

The cream rubs in easily and gives me the slight glow I need to feel okay about leaving the house – it's not a foundation substitute, but it's great if you're just nipping out, or if you're lucky enough not to have to wear make up everyday.

The only point to consider is that it's a little greasy; I've got spot prone skin so to avoid blocking my pores I tend to only use it a couple of times per week (or when the postman knocks on my door).

Available at stores nationwide, RRP 14.99 for 50ml.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

SAVVY MUMMAS | Bargain boys toys

Have you had a chance to check out the toy range at Asda at all?
When I popped in over the summer, I  picked up some ball pool balls, a sturdy paddling pool (£3) which the cat then proceeded to burst - cheers Marths. And a V-Tech walker, which I found was one of the cheapest priced around (£23.97).

But as the summer hols come to a close (waaaa) Asda have upped their game to offer loads of fab toys like little tikes roll around farm (£10), Play-doh Workstation (£9), Little Tikes Learn with me pad (£12) on a mega special offer of 2 for £14. Yes- what a fab deal! That's huge savings of around £10 for two educational toys. 

We've also recently found a fabulous new toy for little man courtesy of Asda: The 'Revving Racer'.
He's speeding around on his knees, and since he's started walking with the aforementioned walker we need something for him to quite simply chase and blow some steam! 
He smacks it on the top to get it moving, and the music blaring, lights flashing etc - and off he goes! And I can safely say it's not repetitive or annoying, like some. And the supercalafragalistic to name but one is fun and lively and musters a smile (from me too!)

(Action man shot!)

The Little Tikes Revving Racers is £15.
  • Minimum age: 18+ months
  • Press the buttons on the roof to go backwards and forwards, make engine noises, flash the lights and play tunes - I particularly like the tunes!
  • Not included in toy offer, sadly
But whilst I'm waffling and raving about their toys, having made a very fun and interesting visit to Asdas Christmas show,  we discovered they're offering traditional wooden toys for Christmas (available now).
I'm a big fan of sturdy wooden toys, given that they are great for hand to eye coordination and those chubby hands to grip. 
Usually eye-wincingly expensive for their craftsmanship, Asdas prices are rather good. 
From a wooden castle for £30, to a workmans bench, £30, cash register, £10 and car transporter, £10.
Such great presents at purse-friendly prices.
That's why mums go to Asda, eh?
Look out for our competition soon....


HOT MUMMAS | Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate

Relax me - skin is dry, summer is ending and it's almost back to work time after a lovely year of maternity leave - are you like me? Are you in need of a product that fills your senses so bad you forget everything and just want to breathe it in? 

I've got it - well I found it, shall I say! Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate retailing at £40.50 for 28ml

Claiming to visibly plump and smooth - this product had me as soon as I took the lid off.  It's an overnight face treatment to be slapped on after your usual cleanse and tone - but I love it so much I have the travel size rollerball and apply to pulse points pretty much all day long. 

Naturally active ingredients include softening argan and organic rosehip oils, soothing neroli, lavender and chamomile essential oils plus antioxidant natural source vitamin E. 

I wasn't sure if it was just me so anyone I come into contact with gets a whiff and a roll and the it's unanimous - full house 5 star reviews!

This capsule of calmness is my new companion - it comes everywhere with me - I will need a new one soon for my work handbag! 

Guest bloggette SK xx