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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

COOL BUBBAS | Handy for little hands

My daughter has been doing baby-led weaning since 6 months (she's now 14 months) but we're only just getting to grips with cutlery and crockery...and it often ends up being smashed onto the floor. She seems to prefer eating from her high chair tray or table so I'm facing quite a challenge. 

Brother Max launched a new 'easy-hold' range some time back, which is now becoming increasingly useful. My little one loves the 'easy-hold 2-in-1 snack pot bowl' which she thinks is more of a game/challenge and easily keeps her amused whilst I get some chores done or have a peaceful cuppa. As you can see, she even ditched the toys to focus on getting her cumin and carrot rice puffs into her belly.

It has a removable lid and it's also great for when you're out and about, although I may have to tie the bowl to the buggy to stop her lobbing it at a duck/passer by...

The plates are pretty handy too, whether for baby to hold or for you to hold and feed. My little rascal likes to hold and feed herself whilst also testing the gravity of her pancakes. 

This is where the suction base would normally come in handy, however, either my high chair tray hasn't got the right stickability, or maybe I just have a child with super-strength...

They do a whole range of useful mealtime items, many with multi-functional usage and compatible with each other (i.e. The suction base can be used on bowls and plates) so check out their website for full details 

Friday, 20 February 2015


It's often hard to find somewhere baby-friendly, and then there's the hope that baby doesn't decide to have a melt down - which is obviously out of our hands at times.

In the heart of Whitechapel, along bustling Mile End Road - adorned with 50's style lights, and a welcoming uber trendy front is Foxcroft & Ginger. 
Hailed that, because the family name is Foxcroft, and Quintin's wife, Georgina is a proud redhead.

Built on the principles of Great British Food with a twist, the locally-sourced ingredients and in-house prep means the local trendies will love the unusual flavours - desgined to deliver the unexpected.

F & G make premium bread in-house with flour direct from the mill (all made with a sourdough base) which is also used for their scrumptious pizza bases.
Minus the yeast - this makes the bread easier to digest - for all those who suffer from the dreaded bread bloat. I must admit, being a wheat-intolerent fuss-pot, I very naughtily ate a sandwich - and didn't suffer too badly!

Visualising the restaurant, I imagined filled croissants, and lots of bakery goods - but I was actually very wrong yet pleasantly surprised.

Coffee is taken seriously and comes from a Sydney-based company using purified water, using reverse osmosis to give a smooth, clean taste - unsuprisingly this is why their regulars ARE regulars - they go that extra Mile end Mile.
And while we visited the East version, their flagship cafe is in Soho.
Foxcroft & Ginger offer lunch, brunch, cakes and dinner and even a Grab & Go selection - which is around £2 cheaper than the eat-in versions.

Unfortunately for the Bubs team, our babies were REALLY having a bad day - Albie was suffering with constipation and refused all food/milk - and Rosie was as good as gold, but Albie's constant whinging eventually rubbed off.
Frustrated and drained we ordered as quickly as possibly - and thankfully, the grub arrived as quick as a flash, piping hot and resplendant in all its glory.

Slow Roasted Pork, Leek Gratin, Mature Cheddar, Pickled Jalapeno on Sourdough - £6.95 was my choice.

Chicken Burger, Kimchi, Citrus Mayo, Cheddar - £6.95 - Christine's

We also ordered the Lemon & Salt Kale salad and Golden Fried Polenta chips - Kale is the big ingredient this year in smoothies, salads et al - and Polenta is very healthy, trendy and a great gluten-free option. Admittedly, I was never a fan.

The Golden friend polenta was tasty, but I'm still not sure I'm it's biggest fan, the kids tucked in and seemed to enjoy, and also shared bits from our plate, although frustrating for myself, Albie had a meltdown every so often which resulted in lots on the floor.

I spied two ladies ordering just the Polenta chips, beautifully presented, and chowing-down on this for their lunch. Being the pig I am - I don't think this would have satisfied my tum - but I love that they felt it was sufficient enough to order as a main.

The pork was plentiful and delicious, and interestingly teamed with the leek gratin - it worked, the pickled jalapeno was very mild, and the sourdough was really tasty. A really nice combo where eschewing the standard apple sauce definitely worked.

Christine's, however, was very unusual - we're still in the dark as to what 'kimchi' is but have come to the conclusion (thanks Wiki) that it is Korean and is spicy and sour - not exactly ideal for the babies.
All we can describe is that the chicken tasted like minced chicken (which I like), with a slight smokey hint of chorizo - not sure if that was even in the mix but that's how we describe it. Uniquely different for the taste buds to enjoy. 

The Kale salad was a winner all around; healthy, colourful and tasty - and you could ask for the salt to be removed so it's suitable for the little one's palette too.

The seating area we had was plentiful for two prams, two pushchairs, and two mums - although it needed a bit of juggling - we all fitted in - and was joined by one guy eating his lunch (food envy) at one point - who, much to his amusement was joined by two howling babies.

Due to the stress of my little man, and trying to inhale it as quickly as possible, mine resulted in a take-away box for dinner - which we both shared that evening - after his poo ordeal was over and enjoyed.

Having said that, we did find room in our bellies to squeeze in one of their delicious coffees and sample the tempting cakes....there's always room for cake. 

The reasonable prices, excellent cleanliness and baby-friendly spot ensure this is a great spot for the family, or 'mums-what-lunch', only a short trek from Whitechapel tube too.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Aside from having Cbeebies on repeat all day for the babies, what can you entertain the older kids with? Have you stumbled across yet?

It's aimed for 4 to 9 year olds and available on Freeview.

POP is the first channel to be added to Freeview children's portfolio in eight years, and is available on channel 125, Sky Digital channel 125 and Sky 616.

The guilt-free channel helps make learning fun. It has programmes from History Hunters, Finding Stuff Out and Wild Kratts, and it's a chance to help create those budding Einstein's but help us, as parents, brush up on general knowledge - and believe me, we're rusty!

The fun and factual programmes are actually related to an area of the national curriculum, so you don't need to feel guilty about plonking the kids in front of the TV whilst you get your general housework done.

They've also recently created an app called POP Artpad which is also free on on both the App store and Google Play.
Kids can create drawings and edit photos with silly hairstyles, different colours, textures and pencils, as well as stickers from the programmes aired on POP like Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony.

It's all free - so we thought we'd tell you - keep the kids amused, and learn a little while they do.


Monday, 9 February 2015

COOL BUBBAS | Competitions and Giveaways

We're keeping everyone's pecker up by offering lots of lovely comps this month - if you're as miserable as we have been with the freezing cold climes -  then you will definitely approve!
Our friends at Nelson's are offering a fab goodie bag of essentials from their range, especially the divine muscle soak, various supplements and baby essentials NB: we can't live without their teething granules and calendula cream.
                             PLUS a gorgeous hooded winnie-the-pooh dressing gown in fetching yellow.
                             Your little one will LOVE!

To get involved please follow us on twitter, retweet and show some love! 

                             Enter here for a chance to win this fabulous prize:

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