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Thursday, 9 April 2015

HOT MUMMAS | Dove Exfoliator

I love Dove, in particular their original creamy beauty bar, which always conjures up smells of fresh washing to me.

A bargain at £2.69 for four bars, and  probably even less if you shop about, but basically it's a great product for all the fam.

There's nothing better then getting a waft of a freshly washed bod as they sashay past, and to me Dove is the scent I'd love to be a 'waftee' of.

So imagine my suprise when I got a delivery of the new gentle exfoliating body wash and it had the same intoxicating scent - more powerful than the Dove usual body wash, and on par with the soap bar. I was suitably impressed for an exfoliator, which usually lacks in the scent dept. 
Dove originally brought out a exfoliating bar, but it seems to have phased out, and they've decided to re formulate into a silky wash.
With tiny blue exfoliating beads, Dove's new body wash is the perfect daily addition to the shower, as it not only exfoliates but keeps skin soft as baby's bottom.

Slough off dead skin cells, while moisturising your body in one easy step. It's a no-brainer really. 
Coming to a Supermarket near your SOON! 

Sunday, 5 April 2015


What a lucky little boy Albie is.
Recently he received a huge delivery of Burts Bees goodies, both mummy and baby were delighted to give them a go.
Rather than list every single item, we decided to list our stand-out ones that are used daily, or could work as a gift for someone expecting soon.

Shampoo & Wash

One of our favourite stand out items was the lovely Burts Bees Baby Bee Body Shampoo & Wash for his blonde thatch, £7.99,
With aloe, oat flour and soy proteins, it's gentle and is sulfate, phthalate, petrochemical and paraben-free. To you and I - no nasties.
I added a 5p size blob onto Albie's fluffy head and gently massaged it in. It gave a fair amount of foam, we had no tears or fuss, in fact he barely noticed (was two busy with his bath shape-fitting fish).
I then smoothed some onto his body, his little chubby arms, working the silky lotion onto his stomach and limbs, and the whole time a lovely aroma of honey filled the bathroom.
After a natural dry to hone his curls, his hair was lovely and soft, non-fluffy and smelt delicious.
I kept drinking in the lovely aroma throughout the next day.

Multipurpose Ointment

We've used this from day dot, the rich shea-butter (a natural fat) based cream not only smells sweet, like almonds, and forms a effective barrier against dryness.
Again, with the Burts Bees ethos, it is 100 per cent natural. It's also pediatrician tested and approved and hypo-allergenic.
Even if baby has any flare-ups the cream is excellent for sensitivity, so both baby and mummy get relief in the form of this non-irritating ointment.
I had this on the side one day, and a friend helped herself thinking it was lip-balm, I daren't tell her I'd earlier been smothering it on his bottom!
This long-lasting number retails around £8.99.

Burts Bees Multipurpose Ointment

This brand is incredible for both mummy and baby - and makes a wonderful gift for a mum-to-be.

HOT MUMMAS I Botanical Brilliance

We've got a lot of love for Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. A trusted and gentle brand that stands for all things natural and botanical.

The two-step cleansing programme works by the first step: a creamy cleanse to remove any dirt and debris of the day, then the polish part includes using a muslin cloth to polish off any dead skin cells, remove the cream, and reveal softer and more radiant skin.
The cult-classic cleanser ensures squeaky clean skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Liz Earle Cleansing Steps 

To celebrate their 20th anniversary this summer, Liz Earle has created an exclusive collection featuring three new versions, each with a fragrant twist on the original.

Rose & Lavender
Grapefruit & Patchouli
Orange Flower & Chamomile

The trio is presented in the signature azure coloured tin, and comes with two muslin cloths and retails for £50. It's available now.

Celebrating 20 years Skin Service

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

GLUM MUMMAS | Green is good

Thank god for Jeremy Kyle. If it wasn't for that show, I might never get up off my bum. Every morning I am rudely awoken at least three hours before I'm ready, and immediately the routine starts. I do it on auto-pilot: Change nappy, let cats out, prepare porridge, give fresh water, prepare fruit for the porridge, make my much needed tea, feed/observe my little one eating breakfast, remove porridge from floor, reheat cold tea, give cats dinner and water, make toast, make husbands lunch, unlock door for husband so he can fly out and not miss bus, wave off "daddy", eat cold toast and luke warm tea collapsed in front of tv, watch my little rascal and occasionally shout NO and get up when she eats the cat biscuits. Finally get up off bum with a jolt at 9.25am when the dreaded Jeremy Kyle theme tune comes on! 

I started thinking to myself this situation was not good; I know I'm not alone being a tired, overworked mum with no motivation, but this lethargy was getting a bit much! A few of my closest friends swear by eating healthy and "your body is temple" style mantra, but seriously, I don't have time for all that. This is where the smoothies come in. My friends promised me that by drinking a (gruesome) green smoothie everyday, I would feel energised. 

So out I went and bought a Nutri Ninja; the salesman said it was more powerful and cheaper than the famous Nutribullet, but in essence they do the same thing - they churn up fruit and veg making it into a nice smoothie. At £60 I thought it seemed like a good deal. I got all excited and bought a kilo of kale, along with about 15 limes, spinach, pineapple, cucumber, ginger, celery and more. I should point out that I am making smoothies, not juices. Smoothies keep all the fibre whereas juicing squishes out all the pulp so I guess less fattening? Any nutritionists or 'people in the know' out there please do comment or tweet us with more info in this.

(See above, I use banana and sweet fruits to conceal the kale and spinach!) 

This was a few weeks back and I did wonder to myself if it would be a fad, and more to the point a faff making it every day but it's actually just part of the routine now, with the extra benefit that not only is my body getting a load extra vitamins and nutritious wonderfulness, but I do honestly feel more alive too. I still watch Lorraine in the mornings but now I'm not (as) slumped on the sofa ;) 

The only downside is that my husband also gets me to make him one to take with him to work, he's heard they keep colds at bay - and he's caught quite a few this last year from our snotty nosed little monster.

In fact, even my little girl enjoys the smoothies!* She only ever has milk and water, so I think she finds it quite a novelty. Fine by me, I'm just glad she's eating spinach etc every day. 

To make life even easier, try - they deliver high quality fruit, veg and salad direct to your door — you'll be surprised at just how much you can consume when you blend it up! 

* Note, I do not let her drink a whole huge glass full, probably around 4oz max. Otherwise I would be liable to get awful nappies with a sore bum to soothe...