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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

CELEB MUMMAS I Who's in the pudding club?

It's been a little while since we had a celeb mummas who's expecting at the moment?

Cat Deeley looking amazing.  She's done good for a Brummie lass!

The LA life certainly suits Cat Deeley who has recently announced she's expecting with her comedian husband Patrick Kielty.
Cat recently looked stunning at the Grammy's, showing a perfect way of highlighting a growing bump!
Kim K at the VMA's with husband Kanye West
If you have been asleep for the past 6 months you might not have known that Kim K is pregnant with baby number 2! Carrying on her love of figure hugging outfits from her first pregancy, she seems to be papped daily proudly showing off her maternity curves!  I'm not sure every pregnant mumma would be so confident, but good on you Kim!

Charlotte Riley and the talented Tom Hardy

And finally Charlotte Riley, who looks beautiful in a slinky black dress which highlights her bump beautifully.  And of course a very lucky lady to be married to Tom Hardy!  No need to thank me for the free guy candy!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

NEW MUMMA I Hello Mummies!

Finding out you are pregnant is one of those "wow" moments. When you see the test result in front of you and you realise that life is going to change...and not just in the sense of having to sacrifice those ice cold gin and tonics!  It's either a good wow or an "oh sh*t" wow.
Imagine getting that result after a heartbreaking start to the year.....

WARNING- this doesn't make the best reading for hormonal mummies to be and mummies, but this is my story...

In May 2015 I gave birth to the beautiful Oliver at 25+6 weeks gestation.  Despite being a tiny 2lbs 1oz, Oliver got off to a good start, but at 7 weeks old he developed a condition called Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC) which mainly affects preemies.  Oliver was rushed 40 miles to another hospital for surgery but lost most of his small intestine which meant he needed to be fed artificially through an intravenous infusion. His liver was so fragile this feed called TPN damaged his liver and at 6 months old we were told he needed a liver and small bowel transplant.  After waiting only 3 weeks for a transplant a donor became available and he luckily survived the major 11 hour operation.  We finally got to bring our boy home for the first time a week before his first birthday.  After 3 months at home, Oliver was readmitted with a condition called GVHD (graft vs host disease), a type of opposite rejection where his new organs realised the body they were in wasn't their own and so attacked it.  This started as a rash, which got progressively worse despite the wonderful Birmingham Children's Hospital trying every possible treatment.  Oliver then went on to develop numerous complications including going blind in his right eye, and after 21 months of hospital life, our lives took a dramatic turn when we very sadly lost him after 21 months.  Our lives had changed beyond all recognition as we took it in turns to juggle one of us being with Oliver in Birmingham Children's Hospital playing the role of parent and nurse, and the other keeping the normality at home for Ella our 7 year old.  You can read more about the little legend on my other blog here.

A very tiny Oliver and our first cuddle

And my bigger boy just weeks before he left us

So it was with mixed feeling that the test result appeared in front of me...we were in Portugal when it dawned on us that I might be pregnant, so we had a Sunday night mission when we got home to try and find somewhere that sold tests but the result was so feint I had to rush to Tesco the next morning for a Clearblue Digital before work!
We were both overjoyed, but were equally worried as it is not known why Oliver was born so early, s we are scared it could happen again....and also how would another child compare to our little superhero?
This of course was not helped by instantly turning into a hormonal cow-bag, getting the most hideous spots ever and the worst morning sickness of all my pregnancies.

But now 13+6 weeks, I'm pleased to say that my sickness is easing, a little bump is definitely appearing, and our scan has confirmed we have a healthy little wriggler in there....which is apparently the size of a lemon now.  A value size lemon or organic, I'm not so sure!

I'm looking forward to sharing my pregnancy journey with you all...the good bits and the not so glamorous bits!


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

HOT MUMMAS I Baby Friendly Cafes

The town of Brentwood, to me, was home of my posh former private school.
Housing the likes of Trevor Brooking, Noel Edmunds and er, Jodie Marsh.

Conjuring up feelings of confusion, disorder and dislike (my school before that was wonderful, and closed down and I was thrust here).
Although one good thing DID come out of it - I met my best friend, Sara. (Currently in Oz).

To you - it'll be the home of TOWIE - big hair, big tans and big teeth (and the other T).

Today I ended up in Brentwood, Essex.

I took my little one to GYMROX - a great weekly playgroup set out in the Brentwood centre, with bouncy castles, a gym theme, swings, slides, all over the background of cheery kids music. Then cars, lots of cars (which he spends the majority of the 2 hours whizzing up and down on, despite having the exact ones at home).
Costing just £3.50 per session, it's well worth it. We always enjoy the experience.
The kids still seemed quite lively so we decided to go get some lunch after.

Next door to the Amy Childs Salon, The Brentwood Kitchen stands out in for it's classy nordic french grey exterior with bursts of sunny yellow (this is very nordic, ya?)
Inside is another story - my favourite white brick tiles, a neon bike precariously balancing on the wall (no, health and safety here - it really is secure).
Vintage, chintzy, eclectic - a hotchpotch of uncoordinated ornaments, paintings and decor - which give it a homely and very East London-esque feel to the sleepy (ish) village - and really work.

But best of all? KIDS CORNER!

*inserts clapping hands emoticon*

Albie & Sienna do lunch

Stencils and calmness

A round of applause Brentwood Kitchen, and all y'all mummies rejoice - finally somewhere we can enjoy a coffee and cake without a) grubby hand in either of the aforementioned, b) entertainment until lunch comes, c) we can hold a conversation without a melt down (unfortunately we can't stop the poo explosions occurring though).

The  children area wall is adorned with a hot pink serene wall sticker/stencil of children merrily swinging (ironic really, as Albie, my son fcuking hates swings).

The food is hearty, homely and delicious.
Three adults and three babies dined out for £32 - granted we had one orange juice, water and a coffee - but we ate like Kings and Queens. Pancakes drenched in nutella and infused with banana, an Omelette with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms - the two bigger babies ate pasta with homemade garlic bread, and Albie inhaled an omelette with chunks cucumber and tomatoes and a side of granary bread.

Nutella pancake delight

What an experience - sod coming to Brentwood to see the Sugar Hut. Take a drive out to Essex, then if you have time (and want to burn off those calories) head to Thorndon Park for the Gruffalo Trail.

Blindin' Brentwood.

Monday, 24 August 2015


Don't you just hate this miserable weather - August my arse!

Anyway, people ask why I jet off all the time - THIS - the darn unpredictable weather is precisely is the reason!

I digress.

I stumbled across a multipurpose ointment designed to simplify a mothers regime and a jet setters must have - one simple product with 101 uses - I won't name them all but try but a few!

Here's 16 quickies....Dry skin, lips, chapped lips, nursing nipples, cuts, eczema, psoriasis, lip protection whilst flying, burns, sunburn, mix with your lipstick for a glossy finish, eyebrows after tattooing, highlighting (shine), dry cuticles, skin abrasions, eyebrows in place...phew!

This is also a great hospital bag must-have, all that puffing on air dries your lips out horrendously - so keep slathering on a pea-sized amount of this - and they'll stay supple and silky soft. They offer a 8-hour challenge too - pop it on before bed, and see if your lips are still supple 8 hours down the line - (if you get a solid 8 hours!)

Lanolips 101 Ointment - £10.99 is available at Boots, Waitress, and also comes in a handy 9g travel sized tube for £7.99.

Well, imagine my absolute joy when I discovered they do SPF15 coloured versions!

As you can see from my picture they have a gorgeous really thick consistency - think nipple balm, the pigment is amazing so a tiny, tiny dab goes a LONG way.

Top to Bottom - 101 Ointment, Apple and Dusky Pink - my faves

With over 60 per cent Ultra pure medical grade lanolin, pure pigment and vitamin E, some lovely natural oils - unless you're allergic to lanolin - it's my favourite discovery of the summer!

Available in Rose - a 60's style dusty pink, Apples - a gorgeous juicy red, sunshine - vibrant for summer, dark honey, a deep nude, and rhubarb a pretty fruity pink.

These retail for £7.99 in all the above stockists

Lanolips Stockist

Lanolips in Apples

Lanolips in Dusky Pink