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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Tired Mums

Mothers are the world’s greatest multi-taskers, and are usually juggling a million things every day, with no time for or thought for themselves. A tired Mum deserves a treat now and then, and Christmas is the perfect time to do it.

When it comes to new mums, often the baby's father will buy his partner a gift on behalf of their young baby/toddler(s) and will need some inspiration.

Whether the pressie buyer is on a budget looking for a bargain Christmas gift, or at the other end of the scale treating the lovely mummy to a luxury present, or somewhere in between: look no further.

As tired new mummies ourselves, here are some Mummy gifts that we would be very happy to receive on Xmas Day 2014!! We are in serious need of pampering


Think Happy Sign
£8 from

Every mum has a moment of meltdown. Remind her to think happy always with this cute and meaningful sign

Jewellery by Kimberley Jane
Prices from £5 upwards
Order online via facebook or email


This pretty handmade jewellery makes the perfect mother's day gift, with styles and prices to suit everyone. Choose from bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, made with love just for you.


Personalised Print For Mother Or Newborn Baby (unframed)
Usually £24.95 but special offer of £19.95 for Babyurbeautiful followers
Go to:

What could be cuter or more thoughtful than presenting a new mum with a personalised quirky print for the nursery? Or a heartfelt 'mother' print, and all the special thoughts and messages conjured up by the kids to describe their mother.


Skin Care Stocking Filler Gift Pack
£12.50 from

The Skin Care Stocking Filler (worth £22.40 when bought separately) contains: Gentle Cleanse (25ml) Cleanses away all impurities and leaves your skin silky smooth Fruit Scrub (25ml) Highly effective yet gentle natural exfoliator for instant radiance Rejuvenating Eye Gel (10ml) Instantly firming and refreshing anti-ageing organic eye serum
For pregnant ladies or Mums who are breastfeeding, and for any eco and health conscious mother, the Green people range is the perfect choice for skincare. Their lovely natural products are safe, nasty and cruelty free, and organic.

£19.95 from John Lewis

If a Mum has a toddler or young child, then a Gro-clock is a great Mother’s xmas present, because it means she may actually get a lie in! The idea is that kids stay in bed until they see the sun on the clock face. This clock uses fun images of the stars and sun to communicate when to go back to sleep and when it's time to get up. The perfect antidote for tired mummies trying to get a toddler into a routine.

See my daughter below playing with hers and loving it, as well as the special story book that comes with it.
For more info see:

Neals Yard Rose and Pomegranate Bath Oil
£14.75 for 100ml from

Perfect for tired mums, this new product from Neals Yard is sweetly scented, luxurious oil blend is carefully combined to restore a peaceful balance to mind and body. This is a replenishing and balancing formula. It contains damask rose, patchouli leaf, cedarwood and bergamot pure aromatherapy essences with a skin-softening, omega-rich base of organic pomegranate and apricot oils.

Lightly scented, with a softening calming rose scent yet a slightly fruity uplifting hit to it, this is just perfect for a tired mummy who wants to treat herself to one of the few daily luxuries she has time for: a hot silky bath. The oil is softening so you hardly need to moisturise afterwards: a time-saving bonus for mummies!

It is also certified organic, cruelty-free and suitable for vegans like me (CB). Yay! Neals Yard are a great ethical brand who believe that health and beauty should be more natural and less synthetic, and better for our planet.


Lifehouse spa
Recovery Day Break Day Stay - £149 per person

Located in Thorpe-le-Soken, Essex, only an hour and twenty minutes by train from London and a ten minute drive from the pretty beach town of Frinton-on-sea, this spa is frequented by many celebs. Lifehouse Spa and Hotel is a contemporary health spa, and the ultimate place for a relaxed pampering day in the countryside.

This Recovery Day Break Day Stay is perfect for a busy Mum who can’t get overnight childcare, or doesn’t want to leave her babies overnight. It includes:
  • Pre-arrival discussion and welcome consultation
  • 2 course lunch from Healthy Menu or Daily Menu
  • 1 juice or smoothie of choice
  • 1 tailored 50 minute Recovery Break Spa Treatment

Christian Louboutin flats
Pigalle Patent Spikes

These classic red-soled louboutins are the ultimate extravagant gift for a special Mum.
Practical flats but sexy too. Splash out on that special lady who brought you into the world.

Happy Christmas from The BUBS Team

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Are you looking for a ingenious gift to give someone this year? And really torn with what on earth to buy (what with all the choice out there).

Gift buying is a very daunting task, especially if you don't have any children yourself.
The obvious choice is to waltz into Mothercare or Mamas and Papas and stock up on the assistants' first recommendation.
When you're ideally looking for a gift that definitely wont have been purchased on a ten times over by auntie, nanny etc....

Say hello to our little Trunki friends, who have created a 'Made for Me' service, aka a personalised Trunki travel case - which we think is just brilliant.

Trunki for your little monkey 

If you're not familiar with the Trunki, it's a nifty little case that has an 18 litre internal capacity, looks cool. It keeps the little ones entertained, while transporting any essentials like toys, clothes etc, AND it triples up as a ride-on toy. Absolutely essential for any budding Judith Chalmers.

With the personalised Made for Me service, there are a 100,000,000 combinations - that's ONE BILLION COMBOS (she says with little finger firmly placed to her mouth Dr Evil style).

As there are 9 different parts x 10 different colours, so that's 10 to the power of 9 combinations - (maths was never my strong point), but apparently this is a BILLION combinations - and I will take their word for it as I was lost at the 9 part.

From the colour of the nose, the straps, the stripes, the hub caps... YOU create the colourway for a little one to enjoy - and make holidays that little bit less stressful.

The Trunki is 3.8lbs, 46 x 20.5 x 31 with a 5 year guarantee, and this particular service will set you back a nice purse-friendly £39.99.

Now, don't be stealing my design prowess ideas... But here's the one I designed for my little man...

LN xx 

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

COOL BUBBAS | Whale of a time

Bathtime Bubbles Whale - V Tech Bathtime Whale

Scrub a dub’s bubble time in the tub!

We just had to write and tell you about this bathtime beauty, now two of the team are happily enjoying their 'Whaley' good purchase, with one soon to follow...

It's really lovely seeing our little men mesmerised when bubbles are keeping them occupied in the bath, as the stacking cups are getting a bit old hat now (and since a poo scooping bath incident), it's kinda refreshing. 

If you have a young baby it's excellent, as you can sit them up in their bath seat, like a safety first swivel bath seat, which allows you to be hands free. 
This bubble producing, all singing and dancing flashing toy makes for a WHALE of a (bath) time for both mum and baby.

It's got a few calypso beats, so it's and good for mood enhancing.  It even has a song which sounds suspiciously like Robbie Williams “Candy”, (wonder who's getting the royalties) but it’s not. Maybe the baby version!

It has got super strong suction to hold it in place and is completely waterproof.  We're pleasantly surprised at how super easy to fit and use it is and it hasn't got mould or full of freezing cold water like most do.

It's great for making bathtime more interactive as baby gets older, and to keep usual gloopy bubbles low maintanance on the clear up side of things.    

It's available for around £19.99 at most retailers, however Argos has 2 for 3 on all toys, so the cheapest is free - get involved!

SK & LN x 

HOT MUMMAS | Get your legs out

Now that the sweet smelling Christmas cups are out in Starbucks and the weather's turned nippy, it's time to accept the fact that winter is well and truly here and Christmas is fast approaching! I love the excitement of shopping for gifts and of course buying new clothes for my 'winter wardrobe' (no, I don't have anything to wear from last year, new clothes needed.) But the seasonal item I didn't realise I needed until now, is in fact a new razor...?

Last week the Babyurbeautiful team were lucky enough to be invited to the exclusive launch of Gillette Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor - it was such a beautiful narnia-esque scene and really got us in the mood for winter! 

Now let's be honest, a razor is probably not hot on your list of important things to buy this time of year; if you're anything like me, as soon as that frost comes it's black tights on, long pyjamas and not a bare leg in sight until March! Okay, maybe I'll shave if it's the Christmas party or if I get a spare moment of sanity and consciously think I better sort myself out (I'm not a beast, honestly). 

Well, now my routine is about to change – the Venus ProSkin makes life so much easier; dermalogically tested, its five floating blades glide up the legs and the extra-rich protective ribbon of moisture lubricates and protects the skin – even the next morning my pins felt nourished and no sign of irritation. This is the key factor for me, because I hate it when I shave and get flaky, dry, bothersome skin the next day - our legs need extra help with the cold British winds! Even when lathering on the most enriching moisturiser, if the shave is no good, I get prickly, chapped, pensioner style legs (no offence Nan) and that's not a good look. 

So it's out with the old and in with the new. I've binned my summer razor and replaced it with a gorgeous new turquoise I just need some new skirts to motivate me to actually shave! As if hearing my thoughts (fears!), Gillette are asking us ladies to capture our winter bare legs in the name of fashion and beauty #whateverweather 


RRP £9.99 but on offer for a devilish £6.66 at Boots right now