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Thursday, 2 July 2015

HOT MUMMAS - Literally!

Win yourself an amazing Trunki - designed by you!!! Oh yes - we just need you to all go crazy and follow our lovely blog, which combines babies - and BEAUTY, yes you got it right!

So, today we have for you - an amazing Trunki, YOU design yourself - UP FOR GRABS.

Trunk Made for Me Uber Cool Service which you can check out here - and see all the options.

Show your little ones personality in this cool ride-on suitcase - perfect if you are jetting off on hols soon! 

We also have a runners up prize of a Trunki snuggle set for the car with Yondi neck pillow, blanket and seatbelt covers - nice and matchy match - we just need to know their age - that's all.

Comfy Kids
Neck pillow pic, above.

When we hit 2000 followers we'll pick the winners at random!

Babyurbeautiful x

Monday, 29 June 2015

COOL BUBBAS I Ashlyn's Farm Essex

I've often spied people posting on Facebook about a local organic farm, and how wonderful their fry-ups are - that alone whet my appetite.

On one miserable Monday, I decided last minute to do a bit of research and check out all of the fuss.

Well, I was suitably impressed.

A soft play area - which was clean, fun, and you can enjoy food and drink whilst the little ones go wild (instead of chasing their tails).

Two different shaded play areas, plus a wooden ship-esque area and many ride-on toys dotted about.

The farm itself is small - but just right. Rabbits, goats, alpacas, meerkats, ride-on tractors - it's got all that you want from a farm.
My son got so excited and squealed with delight at how close he was to all the animals.

Monkeying around 

In the lovely restaurant the staff couldn't be more attentive, Albie was presented with a box of toys to play with whilst he waited for his grub - a great touch.

Enjoying Lunch and all the attention

Lunch for me was fish cakes, why on earth didn't I have meat, because immediately I had food envy!

My son had breaded chicken goujons and fries with a side of beans - given he's 18-months he polished the lot off.

Pulled Pork Burger with 'Slaw at £9.95 with fries

In the soft play area - it's a different price, you pay separately for the soft play/farm but a deal for both for 2 adults and 1 child is £11 - you can't complain (a £3.50 saving on the normal entry). There's a few slides, a small under 3 area with giant lego, ball pit, I can't explain how knackered I got following my son in the older bit - excellent exercise!

Otherwise adults are free for soft play, and it's just the kiddy you pay for.

Everything is so good - I looked into hiring for his 2nd birthday (then saw the prices and it put me off!)

The ONLY gripe I have is the price of a tea, or drink in the soft play - it's atrocious. A cup of tea at £1.75 for literally a cup, not even a mug - come on guys, sort it out - you're doing SO well, a tea bag and some hot water - surely you can half the price!

It's such a great day out - and best of all there is an organic farm shop with fresh eggs, fresh meat, vegan, health food, all sorts of health-concscious virtuous goodies to chow-down on.

Definitely worth a visit.

Ashlyn's Farm Epping, Essex

From £3.00 for children for Farm Trail and Soft Play.

Friday, 26 June 2015

COOL BUBBAS I Aldi Mamia Shampoo

I love the smell of baby products, and don't we all?

That powdery, sweet aroma of a newborn, and as our little babies get older - it's nice to keep hold of that scent.

As you can see, I've been using lots of the Mamia Shampoo on Sir Albiechops (my son).

Aldi Mamia Shampoo

It, and he smells delicious!

The shampoo doesn't have the usual sweet, slightly sickly baby shampoo smell - but more of a soothing and calming camomile - like a cup of camomile tea, with a teeny bit of honey.
Containing Vitamin E, and a no tears formula - it keeps  his skin and hair nourished.
His lovely flaxen locks easily brush through and smell divine even the next day.

 A pea-sized amount covers his little locks - we've had this over a month already and as you can see - we're getting on swimmingly with our 500ml container.

At 79p - it's a baby bargain to be had, and really isn't scrimping on quality.

Aldi Mamia Baby Shampoo

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

HOT MUMMAS I Kerastraight

It has taken me AGES to write this post, and I feel terribly bad - but three holidays, a child and a job to juggle - please forgive me!

But, my argument is...I needed to give this particular treatment a fair trial in the weathering stakes, from wind to sun to rain to shine and sweaty gym sessions.
I had the treatment on Monday 30th March.

Here goes....

Entering the Trevor Sorbie salon (KeraStraight Global Ambassador) with trepidation, I was immediately greeted by a handsome Cypriot hairdresser, Petros, who would be tending to my tresses.
As I waited for him to pop my coat away, I spied a novelty, a Red Velvet cookie - given my wheat intolerance, I shouldn't - but I did!

Anyway, he led me down to a little room where two of us were waiting for the KeraStraight KS UltimateTreatment.
Designed to help you manage your locks, the award-winning keratin treatment simultaneously repairs and straightens hair, to deliver fuzz-free easy-to-manage hair. Just what I needed.
Funnily enough, the other client was a new mum, and given I'd just gone back to work - and also a new mum (of Albie, now 18 months), there's a trend going on here....

During the 'anaphase' of pregnancy (the one where you get thick, lustrous, amazing locks) my hair was doing its thang - thick, bouncy, sexy - rocking a dip-dye - I was satisfied.
After baby came along, and the impending breastfeeding stage, came the 'telephase', where 60 per cent of hair falls out - my hair was parched, breaking, crying out for a new style. So what did I do? The thing most mums do when they want to regain their identity, hopefully gain some compliments and feel alive again?

Cut my hair off short and sort of dip-dyed it unsuccessfully.

Unsatisfied and feeling so terribly mumsy, the condition was atrocious, I needed help. This is where Kerastraight came in.

No enhancement needed - my parched/over-processed locks

After the huge furore around Brazilian blow-dries and their Formaldehyde content, the Kerastraight treatment boasts low PH proteins, and none of the aldehydes in the vapour or formula of the banned ones.
Jez Barnett (I know, amazing, right?), the founder - has created this gentle formula that is featured in all the best salons around the world.
Having experienced quite a few in my time (I'm curly, and love bleach), I was often reduced to tears as the vapours irritated my eyes - but can report nothing this time around.
It is also perfectly safe to have during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

It's designed to renew dry, damaged and weak hair, transforming into into healthy, straighter and stronger. With highly concentrated proteins, it delivers elasticity, and shine that can last for up to 4 months- saving on £25 weekly blowdries - chance would be a fine thing, eh?
You can also, unlike the old versions, wash your hair just 30 minutes after - and there's also no horrible growing out period - it just fades naturally.

The first week, there was an awful stench each time I washed my hair. I thought my bin had been left in the bathroom or the cat had crept in and done something - it was so unpleasant I was worried my hair might smell like this for the next 4 months. Within 2-3 weeks it had subsided, I have NO idea what ingredient was doing this - but thankfully, it diminished.

Blow-drying was MUCH easier, but unlike past Brazilians where I could just run my fingers through and leave it - my hair still looked a little frizzy on the layers and ends - this could purely be where I'd had a bad dye-job.

I do think that Petrus gave me a light version of the treatment, so I didn't look like I had an oil-slick and unlike the earlier versions, I didn't have poker straight hair but I DID have movement - which was one of the reasons clients didn't go back for further treatments - they couldn't handle HOW straight it was!

I am pleased to announce my hair has grown from a bob, to my shoulders in the time it's taken me to review and post this - and it's much more manageable but I'd like to be able to eschew my straighteners and go without, but the bleach and ends are leaving me with no other alternative but to keep using them.

Kerastraight in full force - June 6th (2 1/2 months down the line)

There's a long way to go with getting my hair health back - but the Kerastraight has definitely helped with the majority of it.
It's a must-have treatment for post-partum, it makes life so easy - cuts the drying time and product overload and has definitely got my hair on the road to recovery.

Look how long it has grown in a matter of months!

Treatment is from 2-3 hours and from £150.