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Friday, 30 January 2015


Now we're ashamed to say we haven't seen the new film yet - but there's so many little people, so little time...

We actually just wanted to introduce you to M & S Paddington Bear Bubble Bath -  that IS amazing, and we're rather jealous it's not for us!
Despite being designed for kids, PB fans everywhere will love this little treat.

Complete with a bright berry red waterproof hat o'er top of the cap, adorned with Paddington's body (navy blue duffle coat, natch) and cheeky little face. But our favourite part?

The fragrance and appearance of sticky, sweet marmalade - oh yes!

My well-trained nose would say it's actually more of an apricot jam aroma but the uber sweet scent wafting from the bathroom is just DE-light-ful.

As usual pour under running water, BEAR with it - and a bath full of will appear (soz, for the bad joke).

Described as: 'sticky sweet marmalade, zesty orange peel and a hint of fuzzy peach', your little ones will LOVE this for bath-time - just don't be tempted to eat it, ok?

£8.50 M & S nationwide 


We're trying to cheer you up this January by bringing you an array of positive posts. And to top that off - amazing giveaways!

We'd love to hear your feedback on our beauty and baby posts - and what you'd like more of? Is there anything that has inspired you recently and any products we've recommend you love - please let us know just what you want.

Cybex, whose car seat we wrote about last week, have given us an amazing baby carrier suitable from 3 months to 5 years (yes, not sure if I fancy carrying my fatty at 5 years either!)

A carrier is a must in the early years, mainly to be close to mummy and daddy - and to make life easy when shopping, or nipping out quickly -  and to avoid the whole pram dismantling, resurrecting rigmarole which we're all too familiar with.

The ergonomically designed carrier is called the Cybex 2.Go in Heavenly Blue colourway - and rather sexy to say the least!

It's also worth a whopping £95.

The 2.Go carrier was developed with midwives and orthopaedists, it's shaped for ultimate comfort whilst carrying and well-padded. The carry straps also give less strain on the back to provide maximum carrying support.

CYBEX  is available in all major nursery stockists, click here to find out more about their range.

To make things easier, use the Rafflecopter link below...

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Thursday, 22 January 2015


Launched in 2012, the CYBEX Sirona baby car seat is very eye-catching to say the least.

Trawling through the shelves in Mothercare, it immediately stood out for its ergonomic design and trendy colourways.

German made, the CYBEX seat is like no either, and is a combination car seat for children from birth up to 18kg (approx four years old).
It can be used extended rearward-facing or changed to face-forwards when your child is 13kg and weighs around 15kg.

My little one has been forward facing from around nine months, and wasn't happy at first, as the Cybex large impact shield obstructed his view. But now, at one year, he loves his comfy padded chair with the safety cushion (shield) - rather than the bog standard harness (which is another option with this seat).

Albie loves his CYBEX 

 With an Isofix installation, the seat swivels round 360 degrees for easy access and transporting of baby into the seat.
The clever rotation system makes life easier and less back-breaking for those heavier babies.
and makes it easy to switch between rear and forward facing.

There's a height-adjustable headrest (11 positions), one-hand reclining fuction (7 positions rear-facing) and one-hand reclining fuction (5 positions forward-facing) so in a nutshell - it does it all and makes for a very comfortable journey for baby.

I don't want to bore you with all the scientific research, gadgetry and all things that the men in our family want to hear - as a woman it's a very good seat for one handed swift placement of baby, once you've got the knack of anchoring the seat into place.
The catch underneath the chair proved difficult for me for a while, I was making it far more tricky than it actually is - but maybe that's just me being an idiot (standard).

Its only downside is just getting used to the movements, the buttons etc - as with anything new.
(Just FYI, it took me two weeks to finally adjust to my Bugaboo Chameleon and I still struggle with the wheels some days) So judge this on a car-seat novice.

The price point is also quite high at around £375, but the CYBEX chair is SUCH good quality and will last for the child for up to four years.
We have a cheaper seat too, for nanny - and the difference is VERY noticeable, the material, the movements, the quality - the CYBEX I can only describe as the Mercedes of seats (I like Mercedes - and they're German).

I'm not just saying it's a great chair because we received one to review, our close friends received a little demo from us and just bought one for each of their cars as they loved ours so much!

Autumn Gold Sirona, £375,

 A rear-facing child seat reduces the risk of injury in a head-on collision by more than 80 per cent when compared to a coventional forward-facing with harness system, as the force of an impact is distributed evenly over a large area*

*Research condicted by VTI - Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute

SAVVY MUMMAS | Survival Swimming

Probably my most favourite activity with my little one year old is swimming. She absolutely loves her weekly lessons; seeing her splash about, launch herself into the water and kick her legs like a manic just makes me beam with pride. However, (and that's a big 'however'), the whole palava of getting ready and getting changed has taken a lot of fine tuning and I want to share my top tips with you all to make life easier. Some tips are quite obvious but I'm writing them anyway just in case you're as forgetful as me. Please do add any other tips and tricks in the comments section or tweet us!

#Top Tip 1
Wear your swimsuit/bikini underneath your regular clothes so you can get changed super quick
{Warning: don't wear your cossie with leggings, VPL is never a good look!}

#Top Tip 2
Keep baby's swim nappy at very top of your bag to get changed into upon arrival 
{Warning: don't put baby's swim nappy on in advance as they hold poo but not wee!}

#Top Tip 3
Babies often enjoy splashing like there's no tomorrow (and Mummy Panda is not a good look) so make sure you wear a good waterproof mascara/or clear mascara/or curl lashes/or just go au natural! If you do turn up with regular mascara on, best to whip it off before as I promise you it will end up all down your face. 

I've tried quite a few waterproof mascaras but the best value one for swimming I find to be 'Maybelline The Colossal Go Extreme Waterproof' at £6.99

As far as foundation goes I don't bother, instead I slap on Olay CC cream £9.99, moisturising, anti wrinkle and a bit of colour. Don't want to waste my more pricey foundation. 

#Top Tip 4
Wear your hair up in a high bun, or a pretty plait – you can try and keep your hair dry but it's almost impossible. 
{Warning: if it's cold, consider taking a hat to shove on afterwards, there probably won't be time for blow drying}

#Top Tip 5
Get your baby a hooded/poncho style towel and take it with you to the poolside. As soon as you're out of the water, whip off your baby's swim pants and wrap them snug in the towel. I am also considering getting myself a towelling dressing gown to keep myself warm!
{Warning: before you whip them off do a quick check in case baby has decided to have a little poop. I heard gasps today as for the first time ever, I didn't check, and my little sausage had decided to produce a watery sausage of her own, thus inspiring me to write this post} 

Mothercare £9.99

#Top Tip 6
Talc, talc, and more talc. Helps the dampness. We love Burt Bee's sweet smelling Baby Bee Dusting Powder £6.99, (it's not actually talc, it's made from natural cornstarch and it smells heavenly) but if you want to save that for nice bathtimes at home, you can get small bottles of Johnson's that are great for the swimming bag. Perfect for your own feet too.
{Warning: don't wear black, you can never brush off all the talc}

#Top Tip 7
Take a snack/milk for baby to give them straight after to help keep them happy and calm. 
{Warning: keep it fairly plain to avoid sickness }

#Top Tip 8
Take a plastic bag with you to shove wet cossies into. 

#Top Tip 9
Unless you want to reenact the scene in Friends where Ross gets his leather trousers stuck to his legs that no amount of talc can remedy, wear baggy trousers/jogging bottoms. I learnt this this hard way and got a know-it-all mother trying to help me pull my skinny jeans up whilst giving me a look of stupidity!

#Top Tip 10
Admittedly it might not be top of your agenda but please shave that bikini line. Yes we are busy mothers etc etc but no one wants to see any unnecessary horrors getting into the pool. 

Hope this little guide helps, happy splashing Mummas ;)