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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

BABY VS MUMMA | Banish dry skin and mild eczema in days with Oilatum

A while back I noticed that the skin on Lucy's tummy, sides and lower back was getting rough. I tried loads of different types of moisturiser and switched baby wash and shampoo numerous times to no avail. No matter how much moisturiser I slathered on, or even Vaseline, it just seemed to be a constant.

I could tell it was irritating her, so eventually I visited the chemist. I don't think it was real eczema but it could certainly have been a mild version, so I thought I'd look for some front of counter options first before asking for the hardcore stuff.

And as luck would have it, the first one I tried worked wonders.  I bought Oilatum Junior Bath Additive and also the Oilatum Junior Cream.

You put a couple of capfuls of the bath additive in the bath water and then rub the cream on afterwards. After just three days of bathing with the additive, Lucy's skin was lovely and baby soft again.  I continued using it for about a week, and then thought I'd see how we got on with just the cream, and she's been fine ever since.  I put some additive in the bath once every couple of weeks just for a top up, but I don't even know if I need to.

I'm over the moon.  And as a bonus, I had a bath with Lucy a couple of times during that period, and noticed my own skin felt lovely and soft afterwards. So I might just keep some on hand for those rare times when I get to have a nice hot bath on my own :-)

You can buy these products and the full range of Oilatum products at Boots:
Oilatum Junior Bath Additive - £3.92 for 150ml
Oilatum Junior Cream - £6.49 for 150g

While looking for pictures I came across a few other skincare products made by Oilatum, including a Natural Repair Face Cream which from the reviews sounds like it works great for dry faces.

RL x

HOT MUMMAS | New Calvin Klein Perfume Launched

This morning a new fragrance was launched, Reveal. Yes, Calvin Klein Reveal.

No, we're not asking you to tell us, it's called REVEAL!

On counters today (17th Sept) you can be the first to grab this bottle of exquisite sauciness for a mere £38 (30ml) in Debenhams nationwide.

And why it's namesake? Because it's sensual, unexpected and addictive - a bit like us, obvs.
And it's mighty fine once it's revealed itself to you. 

We're here first to tell you all about it, coz we're cool like that, innit, and we've got even cooler friends at Coty.

Hailed as sexy, confident and provocative, it embodies everything us mothers want be - nothing like a spritz of strong and empowering perfume to give you that dose of confidence. 

With top notes of raw salt, pink pepper, black pepper and white pepper, there's a lovely spicy kick. In the heart, there's orris, ambergris and solar accord - for the sweetness. Then the dry notes to finish of the bouquet are sandalwood, cashmeran and vetiver.

I'm always hard- pressed to find light, yet impactful fragrances that don't blow my head off, nor give me a headache.
My olfactory nerve has been blown to pieces after seven years of sniffing various scents. 
And I'm pleased to announce Calvin Klein have yet another winner on their hands to add to their collection of winning fragrances with longevity (remember good old CK1 and Eternity - phwoargh)

Lushness in a sensual, yet modern

design-led bottle with pillowy contours and a god damn scent-sasional fragrance. We can see this on lots of mummies Christmas wish lists.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

HOT MUMMAS | Elemis New Gradual Tan

I've always liked to have a tan FACT- I kid myself I'm olive skinned with yellow undertones but reality is I'm corn beef pastie with scarring from picking spots my whole life.
 I recently went on a UK summer beach holiday with the little one and was desperate to get a bit of colour - knowing I wouldn't be able to sunbathe properly with unreliable weather conditions and a bubba to shade, I needed something special. 

I've always been an Elemis Skin fan - their Total Glow Self Tanning Cream and Tan Accelerator have been staple pre holiday pamperers for years, so I jumped at the chance to try the newest product on the market: Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion 

It claims to instantly moisturise and hydrate the skin, delivering a flattering sun-kissed glow all year round. Rich in protective antioxidants of green tea extract, the lotion is meant to even skin tone and soften the body. 
Straight up, it's pricey I get that, it isn't a budget product - discount price currently £27.60 for 200ml it is going to be a treat for most of us, however an investment .

But, as my Dad always says, you get what you pay for - it's a high end product folks, and the consistency and aroma are both luxurious. So much so, I even felt confident enough to use it on my face. 
A mix of delicate floral notes, uplifting lemon and patchouli oils made the lotion feel like a decadent moisturiser leaving no funny fake tan smell. 
My skin felt soft, smooth and really well hydrated. The rich consistency also means the 200ml goes a long way.

The tan test - having read reviews of the product saying: 'it left no colour', I was intrigued to see the results. 

The results? It hit the mark for me, I was combining the product with sunshine over a period of a week and it leaves a very gradual, non streaky natural bronze that needs to be built up over a number of days. It is infused with Vegetan™, naturally derived from wheat, subtly building a natural golden tan to the upper layers of the skin.

My conclusion - it ain't gonna give you tantastic Mummy's a quick fix if that's what you're looking for. BUT for a luxurious moisturiser that smells good and builds up a low level natural streak- free bronze, this is the one - get it on your birthday or Christmas list! We love it.

Top tip - use it in between fake tan applications to keep up the sun-kissed even glow.

 Fabulous Elemis Total Glow Bronzing     Body Lotion

Monday, 15 September 2014

HOT MUMMAS I House of Fraser Limited Special Offer

Beauty Confidential offer.

We all love a beauty bargain so were so glad to hear that House of Fraser are pulling out all the stops.

There's £10 off a selected 30 products when you purchase something of your choice from beauty at House of Fraser.

This offer will start on the 8th September and will end on 23rd. So what are you waiting for?

Go to the House of Fraser website now click here to find out more about this fabulous offer. And if you can't get to store... It's also available online. Woo hoo!