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Monday, 23 March 2015

HOT MUMMAS I Wonder What The...

GAWD it's taken me ages to post this - yes I am crap. But you'll forgive me for introducing you to this year's hottest make-up bag must-have.

The stress of going back to work, along with many other factors has left my skin somewhat shite.
My mummy acne is back. I conveniently get it on one cheek, which merely highlights its existance in comparison to the spot-free cheek.

I've been slapping on M.A.C face and body foundation, a very light, lovely, dewy almost tinted moisturiser, with a real watery base - then mixing it with the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, £38.50, Wonder Glow and I didn't feel any different, I was just going through the motions - and hoping it'd sort my skin out.

I visited a lovely chum's little ones 2nd birthday and after she quietly asked me if I'd been having 'BO', nope, not smelly pits - BO-tox.

Well, you can imagine I was somewhat taken aback, but also quite flattered she'd thought my skin was worthy of a hushed 'has-she-hasn't she?' moment. It wasn't until then I realised that aside from my MAC staple foundation, the only new factor in my make-up bag was indeed the Wonder Glow.

The instant soft focus beauty flash balm is a multi-tasking product that can be worn under or over your foundation, on its own or mixed in with foundation (which I do).
Had I indulged in a facial - I probably would have the guts to go out bare with the WG alone.

L to R Beach Stick in Ibiza, Magic Cream, Wonder Glow

As it is infused with tint, and has hints of warming gold particles in it it's ultra flattering on all skin tones.
 The soft focus effect blurs imperfections, fine lines (hell, yeah), dull and tired skin is left lustrious, silky and glowing.
With BioNymph Peptide Complex - which is also found in her Magic Cream (another winner but £70 for a pot - eek) Magic Cream the compex helps boost collagen production and improve on the war against wrinkles long-term.

Now if you don't know Charlotte Tilbury, she is make-up artist to ALL the greats, having used her make-up prowess to full capacity creating  oodles of front covers for Vogue. One of her best friends and clients, is the ubiquitous Kate Moss, she even named a NUDE KATE lippy after her, a rich, opaque mid-nude with hints of beige and peach - in equal measure.

The Wonder Glow is a real must-have, it'll be a great addition over lightly tanned skin, great with foundation and just every day for a quick boost. I'm also a huge fan of the Beach Stick in 'Ibiza' which has been used for contouring as well as a nice bronze boost - it is SH-AMAZING!

The Magic Cream hasn't amazed me, mainly for the large price tag and fact it's down to its last few scoops, if anyone begs to differ, please tell us!

L x

Thursday, 5 March 2015



IF there's one thing that got us through our pregnancy and left us super supple and sweet scented - it was Palmers Cocoa Butter.

No word of a lie, not a stretch mark in site and we'll attribute it to daily massaging of the rich, and nourishing cream.

If you don't know about Palmers brilliant products for mum and baby - where have you been? From their relatively new spray-on moisturiser in a can (perfect for when you're too fat to bend!) to the divine nappy cream that has kept nappy rash at bay, as well as leaving our little one's bums super scented.

We have a great giveaway consisting of THREE, yes, THREE massive bundles of goodies that will get you through 40 weeks of pregnancy and beyond.
We wanted to offer it to you to coincide with Mother's Day and all that hard work you put in - we thought you deserve a MASSIVE treat.

All we ask from you is to use the entry mechanism below, or simply tweet us (babyubeautiful) and (palmersuk) your mummy and baby selfie.
Now, we're not alienating anyone - aunties, uncles, and nannies can join to - but it MUST be a baby & you selfie - and we will pick our favourite three at the end of the competition.

Each set is worth almost £50 - it's such a GREAT treat - get involved by clicking on the following link to the: Rafflecopter giveaway.

Tweet us to enter @babyubeautiful @palmersuk 

GLUM MUMMAS I Bathroom Cupboard Essentials

DURING the first year of their lives a baby gets up to 15 colds according to my lovely GP. Although it's totally normal because of their weak immune system it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. Combine that with colic, teething and tummy bugs and it can feel like a never ending cycle of illness.

To make sure you're prepared for everything that comes your way make sure that your bathroom cupboard is well stocked with the following essentials, as recommended by mum-of-two Natasha Harding.


Where would we be without it? There was a call for action to make it taste horrible to babies as some mums are giving their children too much of it. We say, stand away from the Calpol - when faced with a fractious, poorly baby it is often the only salvation.


Colds generally begin in the nose and throat so if you can zap it early chances are you'll be able to ward off the dreaded lurgy. Although you can't use the spray on babies it's ideal for older children over the age of four - and also for mums, so you don't catch yet another cold from your little darling.

Nelsons Teetha

Teething is horrible for the whole family but Nelsons teething granules - a homeopathic remedy really seem to help. They simply dissolve in a baby's mouth to help provide instant pain relief.


The fact is your baby is going to get nappy rash at some point - and girls are more susceptible than boys. I swear by Bepanthen. Not only does it stop nappy rash in its track but if your little one is sore it clears it up immediately.

Rescue Remedy

Some days it all seems too much and when you're not sure what else to do for your tot then Rescue Remedy may save your bacon. It's a combination of five flower essences specially blended to give comfort from tough days. It can be used anytime, anywhere and is suitable for the whole family.

Skin Salvation

Eczema is horrible and sadly exacerbated by many of the chemicals found in many body washed and soaps. If your child gets dry skin and/or eczema you should give Skin Salvation a go. It's moisturising and soothing. I've used it on my son's eczema and Lexi's cheeks when they get sore from being outside in the wind.

By Natasha Harding

Sunday, 1 March 2015

YOGA MUMMAS - Essential yoga kit

Yoga is great for women - but when you're pregnant it's even better. I started teaching in 2006 after qualifying when I was nine months pregnant with my first child. Since then my classes have grown year on year - and pregnancy yoga is more popular than ever.

By Natasha Harding, Yoga Mumma

Yoga is a wonderful exercise to try as  it may ease many of the ailments that women suffer from when they're pregnant such as backache, sciatica and general aches and pains. Pregnancy yoga includes visualisations and women can use this time to connect with their unborn child.

You will also learn relaxation and breathing techniques that may help during labour.

Last year a study from The Manchester University reported that even a single yoga class can cut the amount of anxiety a women felt by a third. Great news.

It is so beneficial that experts have called on the NHS to provide free classes for pregnant women.

For many women labour is a horrific experience and they are left feeling sore and deflated afterwards. If there has been a traumatic birth there is a higher risk of post natal depression. 

In a normal labour yoga can help so much from a physical and mental point of view. By maintaining a regular yoga practice during pregnancy the positions will become second nature with the aim being that the woman can have an active labour with less intervention. 

If you'd like to try a class make sure you ask that the teacher is qualified to teach pregnant women and invest in the following;

Yoga mat - Sweaty Betty

Most teachers will have some mats but it's always nice to have your own. Sweaty Betty have a great range and most have a handy carry strap too.

Yoga generally ends with a relaxation and/or visualisation so make sure your feet are warm and snug. these OM socks by the Yoga Clothes Company are just lovely.

Poncho - The Yoga Clothes Company

If you're a bit chilly you won't be able to relax. These super-soft ponchos are perfect to keep you warm.

Meditation cushion - Yoga Matters 

Some women find it difficult to sit cross-legged. If you do then a meditation cushion is useful to sit on for most of the seated poses you'll do.


You'll be encouraged to lie on your left side at the end so will want to support your head. A cushion from your bed or sofa is just fine.