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Saturday, 26 July 2014


Thirty nappies for £3.00 you say? Oh yes please.

Hello Asda's little angels range.

Let's be honest, it ain't no designer nappy show when your salary's gone from Woo! to Whoah!

I've often searched about for bargains (like recently) when I did my Ocado shop. They had a three for two offer, and I managed to get something like 90 nappies for £12 - but the above is EVEN LESS!

I'm not going to have my chappies' bottom red raw, wet or soiled, but equally I want to get the best for his botty at a good price - and these Asda nappies are suprisingly good.

I've had no spillages, leakages and they fit really nicely - we've just moved from 3 to size 4 and I'm really nappy, (sorry couldn't help it) with the quality of the Little Angels range.

They are, in my opinion, on par with any other well-known brands.

Nappy shopping ladies.

LN x

HOT MUMMAS I Kiehls Over

My skin is seriously fed up with baby wipes now, and perhaps forking out more than £1 on primark 2-4-1 drying face wipes, or borrowing the little 'uns bum wipes has to stop.

Now, this particular item has been around for 'ears, and I'm embarrassed to say that I've never tried it (having been in the beauty industry for 7!) it's called:

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate

With the tag line...One night, two drops, younger looking skin by the morning.
Did it work? Yes.

In my excitement I tore the packaging open, and without even reading the bottle slathered the rich overnight treatment on my dry, parched face...and snoozed.

After actually reading about the concentrate online, it says apply 2-3 drops on cleansed skin (whoops!), and gently press fingertips to cheeks, forehead, then evenly distribute before giving a nice massage into the skin.

The concentrate is scented with aromatic oils, and that's because it's naturally derived and paraben-free, designed to work with the skin's natural nocturnal activity. Skin is the most receptive while you catch your zzz's. 
It's not stingy, nor heavy - it's just wonderful, and I'm not one to extol the virtues of something if it doesn't work - but I think I'm looking rather brighter and my annoying cheek scarring looks less prevalent.

The lightweight oil sinks into your skin, and leaves no greasy residue, or stains on your pillow!
I packed it with me on a little trip with a friend, who is now hooked on the 30ml little number. It's not me just imagining it. 

In reviews it regularly hits 4 to 5* ratings, and 69 per cent of people who tried it will re-buy it, plus the reviews say how it lasts so long. Just think, 2 drops per night...30ml, thats some longevity.

Perhaps it's only the price point that puts customers off, which isn't too shabby, but I'd say £40 is £40 - maybe a little steep when you're a new mum. Pop it on the birthday and Christmas wish list!

You can find it for around £36 from Space NK, Liberty and all good department stores. 

Mums, it's my new holy grail of beauty products, and something SO easy to slip into your non-existant routine.
Who wouldn't want to wake up more beautiful after just two little drops of concentrate?

LN x


Apologies for the short hiatus, we've got a crawler on our hands!

And as you well know, it's all over now.

Having a house full of wooden floors, sore knees and bruises-a-plenty are standard, but a little shop on Amazon put paid to that.
I popped a pic of my purchase on Instagram - and roused a little interest in my colourful little mats.

(pinksoda19) if you're interested..

So I purchased:

A padded alphabet mat by Tippitoes with lovely graphics and simple alphabet theme: Whale, Elephant, Car etc - it looks a bit dated but its well padded, and does the job.

Tippitoes Alphabet Floor Mat, Amazon

A nice purse-friendly £26.51.

Its soft, durable and lightweight, for both indoor & Outdoor, its cushioned, therefore perfect for wooden floors. Great in the garden, picnics and summer months etc - and easy to clean with its water resistant fabric - it's also a good size at 21 x 20 x 132 cm. Me being me, never measure anything, but hope for the best - but it fits perfectly in my living room.

Then from Amazon again I ordered a smaller TLC foam mat (10 square feet per set) a jigsaw puzzle with pop-out numbers.

Foam 1,2,3, Play Mat Amazon

At £13.08, it's a great buy, but it's a small mat better for picnics or smaller areas. It's ever so colourful and eye-catching which makes it appealing for little ones. There are options for bigger ones - so I'd say this is a must-have for those hard floor areas.

It says suitable for age 3+ but it's just for crawlers in my mind, it's fine.
Designed to help children to learn counting, with a mixture of colours it can help with colours too, and it's ammonia and phthalates free, soft oam and wipe-clean.

Wooden floors a problem - pah! Not anymore.

LN xx

Friday, 25 July 2014

COOL BUBBAS I No more lost baby socks with Sock ons

If you haven't heard of Sock ons, they are an essential must-have item for any new Mum's shopping list.

Babies just can't keep their little socks on with all the constant wriggling about, and Sock ons are the perfect solution.

Just bung them over the top of any sock and they won't budge a millimetre! Amaze!

They come in tons of lovely colours too.

For more info go to:

While you're there do check out other gorgeous items from their range such as funky stylish Dribble Ons bandana bibs, Mocc Ons moccasin baby shoes and Plod Ons- their funky crawling knee pads. All really good quality products. 

You can buy from major retailers such as Mothercare, JoJoMamanBebe, BabiesrUs and Asda as well as many others.