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Monday, 24 August 2015


Don't you just hate this miserable weather - August my arse!

Anyway, people ask why I jet off all the time - THIS - the darn unpredictable weather is precisely is the reason!

I digress.

I stumbled across a multipurpose ointment designed to simplify a mothers regime and a jet setters must have - one simple product with 101 uses - I won't name them all but try but a few!

Here's 16 quickies....Dry skin, lips, chapped lips, nursing nipples, cuts, eczema, psoriasis, lip protection whilst flying, burns, sunburn, mix with your lipstick for a glossy finish, eyebrows after tattooing, highlighting (shine), dry cuticles, skin abrasions, eyebrows in place...phew!

This is also a great hospital bag must-have, all that puffing on air dries your lips out horrendously - so keep slathering on a pea-sized amount of this - and they'll stay supple and silky soft. They offer a 8-hour challenge too - pop it on before bed, and see if your lips are still supple 8 hours down the line - (if you get a solid 8 hours!)

Lanolips 101 Ointment - £10.99 is available at Boots, Waitress, and also comes in a handy 9g travel sized tube for £7.99.

Well, imagine my absolute joy when I discovered they do SPF15 coloured versions!

As you can see from my picture they have a gorgeous really thick consistency - think nipple balm, the pigment is amazing so a tiny, tiny dab goes a LONG way.

Top to Bottom - 101 Ointment, Apple and Dusky Pink - my faves

With over 60 per cent Ultra pure medical grade lanolin, pure pigment and vitamin E, some lovely natural oils - unless you're allergic to lanolin - it's my favourite discovery of the summer!

Available in Rose - a 60's style dusty pink, Apples - a gorgeous juicy red, sunshine - vibrant for summer, dark honey, a deep nude, and rhubarb a pretty fruity pink.

These retail for £7.99 in all the above stockists

Lanolips Stockist

Lanolips in Apples

Lanolips in Dusky Pink

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Now, the obvious thing to do here is to go and get your roots done, but seriously - new bubba's mean little time, so what's the alternative?

We were sent, completely by surprise, a batch of COLOR WOW Root Cover Up in every single shade. A simple but innovative product that's a big seller in Space NK.
It's also won 29 major beauty awards - no shiz girls!

Selling one per minute worldwide - we couldn't wait to get our grubby mitts on this product.

On initial look - I'm not mad about the name, nor the packaging,  plus the product looks simply like eyeshadow and a basic double-ended brush. I was so wrong.

Dubious, I took the product into the bathroom with my freshly highlighted hair (which still has roots!) applied - and was really impressed. The powder compound is designed to camouflage roots and grey hairs - and it naturally, and seamlessly did.

The 'eyeshadow' was actually a mineral powder which adheres to the hair without feeling sticky, oily, stiff - just really nice and light. The product is water resistant - until washed out.
Even though my hair is quite light at the moment, for a nice natural finish I used the blonde one (rather than the platinum one).

Using the small end of the brush you pull the hair taut at the roots using your free hand then daub the product onto the offending root.
If you want to extend the highlight down - you use the side of the brush or the thicker brush to root stretch it down.
It's a great on-the-go handbag must-have just to hide greys, roots - or general dirty hair. Or I guess you could experiment and add low and highlights if you felt brave enough with alternative colours!

At £28.50 - it may be a little steep - but I can see it lasting a long time - and saving ££'s on extending in between your hair colouring appointments. It's also the first product to be devised that covers dark roots and grey without a sniff of peroxide.

What do you think mums?

We have a black, a medium brown and a light brown to give away (worth £28.50 each) if you give us one comment on why this would be your ultimate mummy must have....


LN x

Friday, 24 July 2015

HOT MUMMAS | Clarins 6 hour Lipsticks

Joli Rouge, for Joli mums....

Doesn't it make you feel good with the right 'pop' of colour?
My go-to hue is a spicy hot orange, erring on red, and below, im testing our Clarins Orange Fizz.

What's your personal sexiest shade?

Clarins have reformulated and revamped Joli Rouge, and with 25 sizzling shades - it'll guarantee you'll find your perfect match.

The rich texture offers a 6-HR continuous moisture AND it has the scent of red berries - which I love!

Candy Rose, Orange Fizz & Cherry Red swatches on my hand....

Available in Sept & £19.50 each. 
Comes in beautiful elliptical gold casing.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

COOL BUBBAS | Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I don't buy myself a pair every month, but I feel like do for my little one... Because he hides or throws them.

I guess an average high street shoe for us ladies costs around £30, so why does a minuscule baby pair cost the same?
Clunky clarks, trendy Toms, swanky Converse or shiny wellies - they're all so costly, right?

Yesterday I begrudgingly waltzed into Office, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Office Shoes but it's painful buying the same pair over and over again because he's a) grown out of them super fast and b) thrown one of the blighters!

Anyone else experience this?

I longingly looked at the converse, but the faffing and laces puts me off.
Then, for something different, I spied a pair of New Balance chunky trainers, but wasn't entirely sold...
Then, fortuitously saw a pair of Puma Suede tucked away as she teetered off. 
The reason so lucky as they were £15 in comparison to the trainers at almost £30 - they weren't highlighted as in the sale. But im guessing they were. Bargain!

So, I just thought I'd let you lovely mummies know - they're trendier than Clarks, a nice solid sole and hard-wearing. If you look online at Office there's lots of lovely colourways to be had.

LN x